Underage Tattooing: 7 things you need to know

With designs taking over the bodies of young idols and soccer players, it is not hard to imagine that the wave of tattooing a minor has gained strength and followers, while at the same time facing many barriers and prejudice.

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But, is it worth it to make the art at the first impulse of desire?

To answer some of the doubts you may have in your mind, or even to raise issues that will have weight in your personal and professional future, follow these questions:

Watch the video and see if it's worth getting a tattoo as a teenager

In Brazil there is no single, federal law about tattooing children and adolescents. Each state has its own regulations.

But, in all of them, if done without the parents' consent, it is a crime. It constitutes bodily injury of a serious nature, because it results in permanent deformity (art. 129, §1, III, of the CP), according to the understanding established by the 9th Criminal Law Chamber of the TJSP.

Even so, can a teenager get a tattoo?

Now if done with parental consent, in many states it is not a crime. This is where not only valid consent comes in, but also the principle of social appropriateness (it is the same thing, with all due proportions, as piercing a child's ear).

In Rio Grande do Sul, for example, it is only possible from the age of 16 on. In cases of guardian consent, the parents need to authorize in writing and still be present in the studio.

In São Paulo, on the other hand, there is a state law that prohibits tattooing on minors, even with parental consent.

Why is there a ban on tattooing minors?

Tattooing, in many cases, can be an impulsive act, which is common when you are a minor. Afterwards there can be regret and even prejudice (considering the professional prejudice that still exists in relation to tattooing).

Can a minor tattoo prevent you from getting a job in the future?

Although many companies have changed their view of skin art, there are still areas where tattooing is frowned upon and a criterion for candidate exclusion.

But, is it not possible to remove tattoos?

Although removal techniques are quite advanced, tattooing still needs to be seen as a permanent job, since the process can be difficult, painful, and expensive. So despite the possibility of erasing the tattoo, it is better not to count on it.

Are there any health risks to getting a tattoo?

The problem is that, as these establishments don't normally do tattoos on teenagers, the tendency is for the minor to go to a place without any preparation or minimum hygiene conditions.

What should a young person do when the desire arises to get a tattoo?

As every choice involves risk, this one, which tends to be permanent or for a long time in your body, must be made in a well thought out way. considering that you are underage, you also need to talk to your parents, seek information and clear up all doubts to go ahead with the idea. we here recommend that you wait a bit to do it after you are 18.

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