65 Maori Tattoos on Arm, Chest and Legs for Inspiration

If you have arrived at this article, it is because you are interested in a style of tattoo that has become very popular in the world, especially for men: the Maori tattoos.

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Before you put Maori art on your skin, pay attention to some things you need to know, that I found out, when I went to close my arm with this tribal design

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The history of tattoos is steeped in symbolism, and the Maori tattoo has a special one. Called ta moko, it is an art form indigenous to New Zealand, made by the Maori people, who drew symbols on their bodies as a way of demonstrating a man or woman's position within the tribe, as well as telling their life story.

According to Polynesian tradition, the more noble and higher social position a man had within the clan, the more his face would be covered with tattoos.

The Maori warriors were feared for their habit of cutting off their opponents' heads in battle and keeping them in 'sacred' urns, since they considered the head to be the most important part of the body (which is why tattoos were made in this region).

Maori people started tattooing themselves at a very early age and this ritual remained active until they reached old age. As one gained more prestige and power, killed enemies, and gained rank within the tribe, new tattoos were added.

The person who did this was the "tohunga ta moko" was the name given to the Maori tattoo artist, a man or woman who was highly respected in the tribe, like an indigenous shaman.

The main idea is that no two original Maori tattoos exist in the world.

Each one being unique and exclusive to the person.

You have two ways to get a Maori tattoo. The first is to get a real Ta Moko, by going to New Zealand (and spending more than R$7,000 in airfare alone).

Now, if you don't have that kind of money, my recommendation (and the most feasible), is to find a tattoo artist who specializes in the Maori style where you live, like Senhor Geléia, from Gelly's Tattoo, here in São Paulo.

It is important because the Maori tattoo is made up of many elements and particular symbolism. A conversation with a tattoo artist who understands the style will know how to choose the designs to best represent your idea, codifying on your skin your life story and your particular taste.

Maori symbols

Maori tattooing is part of a larger style called tribal tattooing, and because of this, it has been influenced by other tribal groups in Polynesia.

Maori tattoos are made up of simple strokes, spirals, strokes, and minimalist geometric lines that represent simple elements of nature.

You may be wondering, but what about the turtle, the shark, the owl in the Maori style that many people do, doesn't that mean anything?

So... the purpose of the Maori tattoo designs, in its origin, was not to form animals or more complex figures, but small elements, such as fish scales, spirals, shark teeth, waves, shells that, together, gave a harmony to the design.

More complex arts were created later and even have the symbolism of the animals represented, but they are far from the original purpose of the Maori tribe.

+65 Maori arm, chest and leg tattoos to inspire you

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