Toupee: 30 types of men's hair for you to get inspired

The toupée has been in fashion for decades, that's for sure. But if when you think of a toupée, you think of that typical 2000's look, with lots of gel and a poorly worked out proportion, typical of those who don't have a very cool style, we're here to bring you the news: the toupée is not just that, and you can adopt the look in a very interesting way yet use the style to balance out the proportions of yourface.

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The Pompadour hairstyle, for example, was named after Madame de Pompadour, mistress of King Louis XV, and remained a female haircut for a long time, until one man - none other than Elvis Presley - chose to style his hair this way and make it world famous.

Want to follow a similar style or variations of it? In partnership with Garagem Barbearia, we have separated 30 types of men's hair with a quiff for you to inspire yourself:

David Beckham's Style

The well-established topknot on the head of the David Beckham is a more discreet topknot, worked with a little gel and with sides almost the same size as the front.

Discreet Pompadour

A more discreet poupadour is the example above, with volume, but nothing exaggerated.

Pulled back faded undercut

The gradient undercut goes well with a mid-length, slicked-back topknot with gel.

Elvis' Pompadour

Elvis' Pompadour is still in fashion, what sets it apart from other longer topets is the swirl-shaped design in the center of the head.

Pompadour with little gel

The less wet but more voluminous pompadour is also in fashion.

Spiky Topknot

To maintain this look, try to follow the same length throughout the hair, trimming only the sides into a more discreet undercut.

Pompadour crespo

The Pompadour is also interesting when worked on curly hair, just look for a professional who knows how to design the topknot for your hair type.

Natural Pompadour

A Pompadour with natural fall is the best choice for 2017: let the fringe grow out, use little gel, and draw the movement of the strands in the front of the head.

Toppet catches boy

The Pompadour peg boy is that classic 1950s style, with a dropped strand in the front marked with plenty of gel.

Messy Topknot

If you want a topknot, but don't want anything too defined and marked so as not to draw too much attention, the messy topknot suits more styles and personalities.

Topknot with razor parting

The razor parting has been on trend since 2015 and is a good option for those who want to keep their hair in place in a stylish way. A faded sidecut also looks great with this style.

Topknot with sidecut

Without the marked razor parting, the faded sidecut topknot also works very well.

Exaggerated Pompadour

For those who like a more striking style, the longer Pompadour looks great when worked with lower sides. On the top of the head, try to follow the same length of hair to create a straighter look.

Side parted

The military-style topknot, with a well-marked razor line and gel on the front, suits more classic men who don't want to look too daring.

Side parted Pompadour

The Pompadour, which is the chunkier topknot, looks good with a marked laetral split and a military-style sidecut - done with a buzz cut.

Pompadour and undercut

If you have curly hair, you can replicate the above look with a marked undercut on the sides.

Pompadour with undercut and razor stripe

The Poumpadour with a razor stripe on both sides of the undercut is also in fashion. On the front, however, try to use as little gel as possible.

Razor scratches

Instead of just one, try using 2 razor stripes to design a more modern hairstyle.

Pompadour with points of light

Do you want to take a chance? Try to lighten the ends of your hair with a few shades of bleach on the strands.


This very modern style goes well with men with straighter hair.

WWII style toupee

The military cut, undercut with a backward-pulled topknot, is fashionable and has a lot of personality.

Basic Pompadour

In this style, the interesting thing is to keep the sides in shorter length, but not to stretch the shorter strands so much towards the center of the head.

Pompadour with fringe

Similar to the peg boy style we exemplified above, this style is more modern and less marked.

Crimped-up top and undercut

To complete the look, go for a more discreet undercut.

Highlighted pompadour with faded undercut

The more dramatic faded undercut goes well with a more dramatic Saver.

Undercut low ponytail

If you are still new to the topknot fashion and don't want to risk it, go for a shorter look, with the sides trimmed in an undercut style.

Sidecut with bangs to the side

Similar to the fringed model we suggested earlier, this style is more discreet because less gel is used to build the hairstyle.

Low pompadour from the 1940s

The movie Pompadour is less dramatic than the Elvis version, and you can easily adapt the look for your work routine in a more formal office.

Wavy Pompadour

If your hair is wavy or curly, you can go for a razor-straight topknot and draw the curls on top of your head with a bit of gel.

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