Bow tie: when and how to wear it

The bow tie is one of the finest and most elegant items of men's clothing, and is often worn with gala suits for very specific situations, such as award ceremonies and some weddings that require the use of this piece.

However, it is also present on other occasions and also in more casual look combinations. Learn when and how to wear the bow tie.


Usually, the use of the bow tie at weddings is associated with black tie attire, which is the finest combination of formal attire, but if it is not specified in the invitation, or if they only ask for full social attire, opt for a standard tie.

The color of the tie should be black (unless you are best man and have to wear another color) and medium size, so as not to look like a clown with a giant tie.


If you are the kind of important person who attends gala ceremonies and award ceremonies, the bow tie is almost mandatory in the ensemble with the tuxedo (the aforementioned black tie). Here you don't have to worry about standing out more than others because probably everyone - or almost everyone - will be wearing the same outfit.


In the case of graduations, if you are the graduate you will probably have to wear a bow tie, and a colored one at that.

For those who are not graduates, same recommendation as for the wedding: the spotlight is on the others, so go with a normal tie.


For formal work environments where a suit is required, forget about the bow tie. However, if at your work you are allowed to dare in your look and wear cool combinations, the bow tie can complement the other pieces. In the two montages above, the tie with blazer and with cardigan - ALWAYS with shirt.

Informal Occasions

Blazer, cardigan, plain shirt, sweater, plaid shirt, sneakers, twill pants, jeans... The combinations depend on the man's inspiration.

Just two things that must be followed: always, in any case, wear a shirt (T-shirts, polo shirts and the like do not look good), and pay attention to differentiate the patterns of shirt and tie, for example: a plaid shirt with a plaid tie does not work.

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