Christmas gift tips for your father

Finding a Christmas present that your father will like and that fits in his pocket is not an easy task, even more so in times of crisis. With the unstable economy - and consequently with the salary going away faster - even what was cheap seems more expensive.

But, so as not to let the date pass in silence, we have selected gifts for various types of fathers and for various pocket sizes. Check it out!

Technology Dad

Thinking of giving your father a gift of something new, but can't afford a mega tablet or the latest cell phone? We have selected two options that are sure to please.

The external hard drive is useful for those who work on the computer (i.e., just about everyone) and this Toshiba option is relatively inexpensive for a product that stores 1 TB of content, while the DL X-Quad Note 2 Tablet is a good alternative for those who do not work directly with the tablet, but need a practical and functional tool to perform some operations.

It has 8GB internal memory, a Quad-Core ARM Cortex-A7 1.2GHz RK3126 processor, Android 5.1.1 operating system, and a bluetooth keyboard.

1 - Toshiba External HD

2 - DL X-Quad Note 2 Tablet

Music-obsessed Dad

Gifting a music-loving dad is not that difficult. We have selected an excellent and very affordable headset from Philips, with powerful audio output and microphone.

For parents who like to have a barbecue with music, the Globo Bluetooth LED amplifier is great. Besides being visually amazing - it has 7 different lighting styles, the amplifier also has a range of up to 15 meters and 5w output power.

1 - Philips Headphone

2 - LED Amplifier

Coffee-mad dad

We know it is not easy to buy one of those popular (and expensive) espresso machines, so we have selected a practical, modern coffee maker that makes great coffee. The 2 Way coffee maker serves up to 35 cups and has a programmable timer that automatically shuts the machine off within two hours.

It also gives you the option to prepare a pitcher or various mug sizes, just program it.

For those with a tight pocket, Imaginarium's thermal mug is an alternative. The design is very cool and it can hold up to 400ml.

1 - 2 Way Electric Coffee Maker

2 - Imaginarium thermal mug

Father reader

We've chosen two collections that are sure to catch your father's eye: the collection of all Machado de Assis' novels and short stories, and the complete works of writer Arhutr Conan Doyle, author of the Sherlock Holmes character.

Both collections are very affordable - less than R$100.

1 - Box Machado de Assis

2 - Sherlock Holmes Box

Father who records everything

If your dad is into taking pictures, dreams of a GoPro, but can't afford one, we have two perfect gift options.

The Sport Cam Bright works more or less like the beloved GoPro. Of course it is inferior in some aspects, but it is far from bad - even more so for the price.

You can take pictures with 5MP resolution, shoot HD video, and view the recorded images through the monitor.

The Atrio Sports Camera is already a slightly more expensive alternative with more features: lithium battery, 12 MP resolution, full HD filming are just a few of them. The camera case allows it to dive up to 40 meters and it also has a 140° wide-angle lens.

1 - Bright Sport Cam Sports Camera

2 - Atrio Sports Camera

Father who plays soccer

If your dad likes to play soccer, how about giving him a new soccer boot?

The Nike Tiempo is another alternative in the same price range and with the same quality. It has studs that ensure maximum traction and a textured upper for increased accuracy and ball control.

1 - Mizuno boot

2 - Nike Football Boot

Father Barbecue

A barbecue dad always likes to get new knives or accessories, right? If your dad is like that, we have two great options: the apron is a good gift if your bank account doesn't allow you to spend too much.

The Welf Quebec set in bamboo is the right gift to impress and renew your dad's barbecue tools.

Besides the knives, it also comes with a board and apron.

1 - Waber barbecue apron

2 - Welf Quebec Barbecue Set


Sunglasses are always a good idea, and these two models are affordable and follow a classic line that appeals to all styles.

The NYS Wayfarer model and the more rectangular classic with black lenses and thinner stems follow the summer 2017 trends.

1 - NYS Wayfarer Glasses

2 - NYS Eyeglasses NYS 49-8225

Runner Dad

For parents who go to the gym - or want to start exercising - getting an appropriate sneaker is a good start.

Contrary to what many people think, a running shoe doesn't have to be that expensive.

1 - Nike Dual Fusion X 2 Sneakers

2 - Olympikus Rio 4 Sneakers

You can never have too many watches

A watch is also a timeless gift that will remain in your father's life for a long time. To please and mark, you don't need to spend a lot of money.

There are great brands that produce quality watches and don't charge as much for it, for example Casio, whose line of watches is geared to those who like a more rough and square style.

Technos, on the other hand, has more affordable lines for those who prefer a more classic design. Your choice only depends on your father's style.

1 - Casio W-800HG-9AVD Digital Men's Watch

2 - Technos Performance Sports 2115Kne/1P

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