10 Brazilian Streetwear Brands (that you need to know and use)

As you can already imagine from the name, it transmits the essence of street fashion in practical pieces with a lot of personality.

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That is why Brazilian streetwear brands try to create pieces that, besides being stylish, have a real use in the daily life of those who are always on the street.

Men's street style cold weather jackets, for example, are usually made of sweatshirt or jeans and almost always have a hood, after all, who is on the street is exposed to rain, isn't he?

In addition to sweatshirts, other fabrics are part of the streetwear menswear proposal: T-shirts, tank tops, hats, and, of course, sneakers.

To help you embrace this style, we have listed 10 national streetwear brands that you need to know!

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Hoshwear is a Brazilian company with the DNA in streetwear fashion. The exclusive products bring the urban concept in our designs, fabrics, and finishing.

So inspiration comes from the most varied forms of urban artistic expression, from music to sports, from street art to the world's great art galleries.

Among the product mix that makes up the store are: snapback & strapback caps, dad hats, five panel, trucker hats.

In addition, sweatshirts, windbreaker jackets, T-shirts, tank tops, printed shorts, flip-flops, socks, shoulder bags, wallets, and sunglasses.

Check out Hoshwear's streetwear style

Thirteen Core

Founded in 2013, Thirteen Core is a streetwear brand that has always sought in its clothes quality with the affordable price.

As the brand's audience is geared towards the periphery, the idea is to create clothes for the streets, with these street people having access to them.

The clothing and prints are inspired mainly by the tattoo, graffiti, and skate universe, and have influences from Mexican culture, hardcore, and rap.

In addition, some prints are much more than just drawings, they are art that convey messages of social and political protest.

Check out Treze Core's streetwear style


Korova is a Brazilian streetwear brand that was created in Floripa in 2004. It is a pioneer in e-commerce here in Brazil and has become one of the main names in Brazilian urbanwear.

For those looking for a cold jacket, sweatpants, jeans jackets, underwear and even shorts for the beach, the store is a sure choice. The price is also very fair and the quality of the products is noticeable even in the photos on the site.

Who cares about the environment (by the way, everyone should, right?) can rest assured: the production chain is 100% Brazilian, clean, and verticalized.

They have a print shop that creates the designs for the products and are always tuned in to fashion trends and also social changes. According to the company: "if something interesting is happening, we will have a t-shirt for it. No phenomenon goes unnoticed here".

Korova - whose name, by the way, has a very cool inspiration: it came from Korova Milkbar, from the movie Clockwork Orange - is the complete package.

Check out Korova's streetwear style

La Mafia

Another highlight among the national streetwear brands that you need to know is the La Mafia store. With a footprint that mixes urban fashion and athleisure style, the streetwear brand has high quality pieces for a very fair and affordable price.

In the store they sell everything: T-shirts, tank tops, jackets, vests, sweatshirts, shorts, jeans, jogger pants, sweatpants, shoes, hats, and other accessories.

As you can see, the modeling is well thought out and follows a straight and harmonic cut style, something very typical of men's streetwear fashion pieces.

The purchase options on the site are also very interesting. They allow you to split the purchase in up to 2 cards and pay in up to 6 installments without interest.

Check out La Mafia's streetwear style


The brand has been on the road for almost 30 years and was born in the city of Auriflama, in the interior of São Paulo.

The proposal was to create a product with authentic design without leaving quality aside. The brand's approach is a mix between casual and formal, which is great for those who are looking for a more discreet street style.

If you are looking, for example, for pieces to work in a slightly more formal office, Ezutus may be a good choice, after all, it delivers stripped-down products with a more corporate face.

Check out Ezutus' streetwear style


King55 is a vegan company that has been in the market for a while, and seeks to deliver pieces free of any animal raw material, but with quality and durability.

Despite having a streetwear men's fashion footprint, King55 embraces the classic and, from the timeless, creates pieces with the face of the store. The pants, shoes, blazer, and jackets that never leave the closet receive a touch of personality and style through the hands of King55's people.

So it's worth finding out!

Check out King55's streetwear style

Brute Kill

When we did a story with the national sneaker brands you need to know, we included Bruta Kill in the list. Although they don't have many models available, they are simply one of the coolest national streetwear brands around.

By the way, the brand also produces very cool caps that are worth getting to know, as well as t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants, fun socks and men's long socks, shorts, and several other pieces to make up your streetwear look.

It was created in 2010 and, according to the company, has roots in hardcore, graffiti, and tattoo. The brand's inspirations come from cultural movements always with great influence from music.

They have a creation process with three pillars: art, concept, and culture, and they work on quality, originality, and identity in all of them.

In this way, inserted in the underground universe, the brand sells a lifestyle - and it is worth investing in this product, see?

Check out Bruta Kill's streetwear style


This national streetwear brand is not very well known yet, but it should be, so keep an eye out. It has no official store and no website, but it always updates its Instagram with posts of its exclusive pieces.

The store is based in Hortolandia and resells its products through partner stores, such as Favoretti Multimarcas, so it is worth visiting them on Instagram to find out more pieces! We look forward to the opening of a virtual store.

Check out Tollerance's streetwear style

Hermoso Compadre

All the pieces at Hermoso Compadre are handmade, and they even have an answering machine where you can ask questions about the production process.

By the way, they have a team completely dedicated to the creation of the products, and all of them designed in-house.

In other words: when you buy a piece from there, you will guarantee total exclusivity, from the modeling to the prints and finishing of each piece.

Check out Hermoso Compadre's streetwear style

Lab 77

To finalize the national streetwear brands that you need to know, we will talk about Lab 77, which is a creative lab for the public to identify with the creations.

And well, this is quite noticeable. Indeed, as soon as you enter the site, you realize that they really sell a lifestyle, an experimental and curious approach.

Thus, the brand from Rio de Janeiro works with pieces that connect nature and the urban scene, counterculture and fine arts, music and surf. Just by saying this, you can already imagine that each piece transmits a unique essence, can't you?

However, it is also one of the national streetwear brands that is concerned with sustainability in the production of its pieces.

They develop very small collections that, besides being exclusive, reduce the environmental impact as a company.

We have separated some pieces for you to know, check it out:

Check out Lab 77's streetwear style

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