Which Brazilian teams have the World Cup?

Soccer is almost like politics and religion. Whenever it is discussed, there is a chance for a fight to break out. But few subjects are as controversial as "Which Brazilian teams have the World Cup?"

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Thanks to the "wonderful" (read ironically) organization of FIFA, there is a lot of controversy about which national teams have managed to become world champions. All because before 2005 - or the confusing 2000 edition - there was no Club World Cup, only the Intercontinental Cup. The problem is that the tournament has always been shrouded in a lot of confusion, with teams boycotting the championship withTherefore, it was common for the Champions League runner-up to compete for the "world title".

So, when it comes to the World Cup, FIFA - which is by far an example of honesty and good interests - does not mention several teams, such as Palmeiras, Santos, Gremio, or even the first two titles of São Paulo.

Well, having presented the general scenario, MHM has separated a list with the Brazilian teams that have already won a World Cup, be it recognized by FIFA or not:

São Paulo

  • Club World Cup 2005
  • Intercontinental Cup 1993
  • Intercontinental Cup 1992

Of all Brazilian teams, São Paulo is the one that has won the most World Cups. First, it won two Intercontinental Cups: one in 92 against Barcelona and the other in 93 against Milan. In 2005, in the middle of a period of titles and conquests, the tricolor won the trophy of the first Club World Cup - which replaced the Intercontinental Cup - over Liverpool, 1-0, under the command ofcaptain and goalkeeper-goalkeeper Rogério Ceni.


  • Club World Cup 2012
  • FIFA Club World Cup 2000

In 2012, Corinthians finally managed to win the long-desired Libertadores Cup, and then won the World Cup against Chelsea, celebrating the title with 30,000 fans in Japan. For many, this is the "World Cup that counts". Corinthians's 2000 World Cup, on the other hand, is involved in a lot of controversy, since the champion of the Libertadores that year did not participate in that edition of the tournament. WithoutBut since FIFA recognizes the title, here it is in our list.


  • 1962 Intercontinental Cup
  • 1963 Intercontinental Cup

Pelé's Santos made international fame with two Intercontinental Cups won in a row. The first came against Peñarol, in 62, and the second, in victory against one of Milan's most famous formations, in 63. Added to the World Cup titles, these championships made Edson Arantes do Nascimento the king of soccer.


  • Club World Cup 2006

Contrary to all expectations, Inter overcame São Paulo in the Libertadores Cup and went on to the World Cup. Once there, they went from underdogs to champions, winning 1-0 against Barcelona, which at the time had Ronaldinho, Deco, and Iniesta on its roster. To complete the story worthy of a movie, the goal came from the reserve Adriano Gabiru, who had just entered the field.


  • Intercontinental Cup 1981

Zico's Flamengo won the championship over Liverpool 3-0 with two goals by Nunes and one by Adílio, all in the first half.


  • Intercontinental Cup 1983

Grêmio became world champion by beating Hamburg, one of the strongest teams in Europe in the 80's. The title came in dramatic fashion, with two goals by Renato Gaúcho: one to tie the match in the second half and the other in extra time to seal the title.

And Palmeiras, does it have a World Cup?

  • Rio Cup 1951

In 1951, the Rio Cup was held, which was also known as the International Champion Clubs Tournament - a sort of predecessor to what became the Intercontinental Cup and the Club World Cup. Participants included Vasco da Gama, Austria Vienna, Nacional, Sporting, Juventus, Nice, Red Star, and Palmeiras, which eventually won.

The problem is that FIFA has recognized the title several times, but has always backed down to avoid controversy or headaches in opening a precedent and having to recognize other possible world titles. For those who are fans, Palmeiras' World Cup title is a certainty. For those who are not, the mockery has no limits.

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