Testing the New Social Network for Infidels

Ashley Madison is a social network for connecting people who want to have extramarital affairs. If you are a woman, easy life, you can go hunting whenever, wherever and however you want. If you are a man, prepare your pocketbook in case you are interested in cheating.

The registration is free for both genders. Discrimination begins in the network's contact attempts. To send a message with a cantata for the first time to a person, it costs five credits. The following ones are free. Each credit costs from R$ 0.70 to R$ 1.

However, each message can be sent with priority status. This adds five credits to the price of each message - whether it is the first or not. Each open message already comes with this option enabled. With priority status, the user knows when the message has been read and it appears prominently in the recipient's inbox.

Women can still send "collect messages": for a man to read it, he has to pay five credits, and if he answers, five more.

If you are a hard core, you have the option to send "winks", which are a more developed version of the famous Facebook nudges. There are seven types of winks with standard messages, the most common of which reads:

"Check out my profile to see if you're interested in chatting with me, and if you're up for it, send me a "wink" and I'll initiate contact!"

Some winks are to tell the suitor that you are interested; another one clarifies what has aroused the hard-on in the recipient's profile. There is also the option to request access to the private gallery.

As in all social networks, you can make a photo gallery. You can authorize and delete each user's authorization whenever you want.

The internal chat costs an 'absurd' 30 credits for 30 minutes, almost like a telephone friendship chat.

Ashley Madison asks its users to make their sexual preferences explicit. In the wish section, the user has about 40 options ranging from innocent "cuddling and hugging" to "menage a trois", or threesomes. But the screen, full of little selection boxes, can be confusing.

The "My ideal partner" screen gets another, more direct, title while filling it out: "what makes me horny". More light on sexuality, this is the first screen to show gay relationship options. "A quiet, relaxed man", "An aggressive style man" and "Romantic man" are some of the options. Strangely, heterosexuals have no option for female equivalents. It seems thatAggressive and romantic women do not give interest in married people.

Finally, the user must put his personal interests: "Strip Poker/Adult Play", "Erotic Literature", "Swimming without clothes", "Visiting swing clubs"... There are also cultural options such as "opera" and "theater", but, be honest, if your idea is to have an extra-marital affair, who cares?


After the leak of 10 gigs of Ashley Madison users' data, it continues to be the talk of the town. On Wednesday (8/26), a research made with the leaked users' data proved that most of the female profiles registered on the network are fake. Almost none of the 5.5 million women registered have used the social network.

There was already a suspicion that many female profiles were fake. To confirm this, Annalee Newitz, the editor-in-chief of the website Gizmodo, decided to analyze the information to find out how many women actually use the platform. To her surprise, the numbers are very confusing, to say the least.

Newitz also found that almost 70,000 profiles were created by the same IP, which comes from a computer located inside the developer company, suggesting fraud and fake accounts to attract men.

The publisher found 10,000 profiles with company emails, such as @ashleymadison.com, [email protected], [email protected] etc., "without the slightest modesty". Of these 10,000 developer emails, more than 9,000 were used to create women's accounts, which never existed.

It is estimated that about 12,000 women have used the site, as this is the number of deleted female profiles. Since you have to pay to delete the account, the deletions tend to be of real users.

Source: Tectudo

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