Watches: the best occasions and styles to wear

The watch is also an accessory that requires a kind of primer for use. There are the best occasions for each style, the most appropriate models according to your age, and you need to pay attention to these recommendations.

We have prepared a list so that you don't make a mistake when choosing your watch and make it not just one more accessory, but give it its due importance in your look.


In the work environment, the best option is to bet on the classic. Silver and analog metal watches are excellent for the occasion, which demands more seriousness in the visual choices. Even if your work is more relaxed, don't exaggerate in what you are going to put on your wrist.

Avoid giant watches with many dials, no one needs to know the wind speed or air quality. Leather bracelets for social wear are also interesting, especially for older men.

Other formal occasions

In other formal settings, it is also best to go for the more traditional watches, but in formal yet social situations, such as weddings and parties for example, you can differentiate yourself a bit.

The item in the color of your outfit is cool, especially if they are more neutral colors like black, gray or blue. Pay attention to the color of your belt and other accessories because it may be a good idea to combine the watch with them. Bet also on smaller watches.


Obviously you are not going to do your running with a metal or steel watch. For sports practice, colorful and rubber watches are well accepted. There are no "age restrictions" on wearing the item for physical exercise.

On this kind of occasion the different dials and devices can make your exercise better. The digital display finds its best environment in sports.

Ballads and informal environments

For a night out or in more informal environments, the watch can be a little more funky, with larger dials, digital, different bracelets, slightly flashier colors... In the case of older men, try not to be so bold, which does not mean that you necessarily have to use the classic.

As for bracelets, avoid those that look like a belt wrapped around your wrist. It is better to have a more discreet bracelet on the watch and buy a nice one that can go with it, but separate from the piece.

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