Top destinations in the world for nightlife enthusiasts

The night is fascinating and it's no wonder that it becomes many people's favorite part of the day. There are a few cities around the world that capture the essence of a busy nightlife and delight those who love bars, clubs, and parties.

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We have listed some cities around the world that are truly synonymous with nightlife.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires is much more than steak de chorizo, alfajor, soccer, and dulce de leche. There is a series of bars and clubs spread all over the Argentine capital. The curious thing about their nightlife is that it all starts very late. People go to bars until the early hours of the morning, and only then go to the clubs.

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The nightlife in Amsterdam is very lively, much because of the freedoms that the Dutch city offers its tourists and because it is a meeting point for people from different countries. Bars, nightclubs, Red District... There is no lack of nightlife options in the Dutch capital.

Prague, Czech Republic

With each passing year, Prague becomes more attractive to tourists. One of the most popular destinations for tourists in Eastern Europe, it is also a lively city at night. Its advantage over other large cities is that it is still cheap in many things, including drinking, for example.

Koh Phangan, Thailand

The island of Koh Phangan enters the itinerary for one party in particular: the Full Moon Party. The event, which starts at sunset and ends when the sun rises the next morning, attracts thousands of tourists every month to Thailand to enjoy a full day of drinking, electronic music, and dancing.

São Paulo, Brazil

São Paulo is the great Brazilian destination for those looking for nightlife. The São Paulo capital never sleeps and satisfies all tastes, with electronic and rock clubs, forró, sertanejo, samba, rap, and hip-hop. São Paulo has it all and never stops.

Berlin, Germany

The German people may seem cold at times, but when it comes to nightlife they dispel any impression of coldness. Berlin is a good destination in the country and in Europe for those who seek excitement in clubs or bars. There are also great options for live performances.

Ibiza, Spain

The island of Ibiza is synonymous with nightlife, which is why it has been attracting tourists in search of a good time for years.

Las Vegas, United States

Parties, pools, gambling, casinos... Las Vegas is the kind of destination that also invites the tourist to enjoy its nightlife options. Not everything is like in "If you drink, don't marry!", but you can have a great time in Las Vegas and add up good memories (or not) of your trip to the city.

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