Things every real man does (but that you can live without)

It is not enough to be born with a penis between your legs, but society demands that you "act in accordance" with your genital organ.

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In recent times, much has been discussed about some behavioral standards established in our society, but that no one really understands why, as is the case of #decaralavada by Glamour and #umbrindeavidareal by Smirnoff. In this wave, MHM decided to discuss: What is a real man?

"A real man changes the shower at home without turning off the electricity. Then he sits down to scratch his balls and drink a beer while his wife makes dinner. And she complains that her son doesn't do architecture. A real man does engineering. And civil engineering. To take care of the construction site and pick up some hot chicks on the street.

I apologize if you identify with the paragraph above, but what a drag this kind of life is: having to follow a series of unwritten rules, from God knows when, just to assert yourself with some people around you. I say the opposite: "Go ahead my son, do what you want and be happy".

Just as the existence of a "real truth" is questionable, the existence of a "real man" is even more questionable. Man is what he wants to be and in the way he wants to be, as long as he doesn't hurt the space of the other.

The following are some clich├ęs of things that every man does, but that you can live very well without doing. Check them out:

Men solve everything in a fight

The first thing a man is "expected" to do is to solve his problems with his fists and not with his head. How many guys don't want to get their hands out of the car after being hit by a car on the street? There are even those who can't see another human being in his face and immediately say "What are you looking at?

After opposable thumbs, one factor that separates a human being from an animal is our ability to use intelligence to solve life's complications. You don't need to be a boxer to live in the modern world.

Imagine if everyone, at the same time, solved their problems by beating them up? Be a better person and leave those who like to solve their problems by force of arms in the inferior position they inhabit.

Man does not cry

"Men aren't supposed to cry even for love". Men are supposed to keep and mull over all their bad feelings inside themselves. Nonsense. Pretending not to suffer doesn't make you a better man, it only makes the whole situation worse.

Sometimes we need a period of time to put things back in place. Take your time to grieve and mourn, get over your losses, and go live life without holding any bad feelings inside.

Now, if you are one of those guys who gets emotional in movies or on TV, you don't have to be ashamed to cry, no. Fighting who you are is much harder and more harmful than coming out as an emotional guy. If your friends tease you or can't understand it, it's time to get better friends.

Men have to like soccer

Another annoying thing about being a man and being Brazilian, is that everyone expects you to like soccer. Proof of this is the fortune spent on footy sports and the misery invested in others. No wonder we were so embarrassed during the Olympics.

There are hundreds of other sports that you might like, and if you want, you might not like any sport at all. You will have Wednesday evenings and Sunday afternoons to do whatever you want.

A man who takes care of himself is a faggot

If you don't take care of yourself, who will? If you have money to buy clothes of the hour or to take care of your own beauty, invest in yourself. You can be vain or not, as long as you are happy.

But remember: We live in a world where we have little chance of making a good impression, and often, the first impression is the one that stays. So it's worth investing in always looking presentable, whether in business or in relationships.

Men have to support the household

"Son, you have to get a good job so you can get married, support the house and your children," But what if your wife makes more money than you?

The fight for gender equality is making more and more women reach important positions in companies. And if your partner is better off financially than you are, that's no problem.

No relationship should be built on the basis of who pays the bills or not. If there is love, partnership and respect, that is what matters. Leave this "man is the breadwinner" thing to the last century.

Man cannot "deny fire"

You come home tired after a long day at work, but your partner is up for a night out. Can you be honest with her and say you're not in the mood? Another: You're at the club and here comes a girl, who you weren't interested in, but wants to be with you. Can you say no?

Of course you can. You don't stop being heterosexual because you don't want to have sex or because you are not interested in a girl. What you do between the walls is your business and what matters is that, at the end of the day, you go to sleep with a clear conscience.

Men only like male drinks

Another big bullshit is the giant claim that real men can't drink. They should only drink beer, and at most, they can try a caipirinha. My friend, if you pay your bill at the bar, you can drink whatever you want.

Why keep drinking the same drink when you can try other flavors and variations? Brazilian mixology is amazing. We have fruits that don't exist anywhere else in the world. And you, always drinking the same beer made from corn, just to make a moral with your friends?

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