Stylish Men's Boots to convey toughness anywhere

When it comes to indispensable footwear for men, men's boots are at the top of the list. These shoes are not only practical and comfortable, but also versatile and stylish.

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The same pair of boots can work just as well in your work environment as in a nightclub or at a bar.

There are many different models and boots go with almost any type of outfit.

If you want to dare, you can even wear a boot with a suit without looking inelegant! Just choose the right material, model, and color.

In partnership with Sandro Moscoloni, we have separated some combinations of boots for the most varied styles and, furthermore, we have also selected tips for you to be able to wear a pair of boots in any occasion!

Men's Chelsea Boots

Chelsea style boots are the ankle boots that are easiest to combine with more formal pieces.

These men's boots are simple to wear and suit a variety of outfits, including casual or, as we have said, more formal looks.

But if we can suggest only one style of combination so you don't make a mistake, it is this: instead of a suede Chelsea Boots (or some similar material), choose one made of a slightly more noble material, like leather!

Then, combine the boot with dark twill pants and a well-fitting blazer or jacket in the same shade as the pants.

Men's Chelsea Boots Sandro Moscoloni Laredo Brown

Men's Chukka Boots

Chukka Boots are men's boots in a style much like the one above, but a little more casual.

The history of this type of boot is linked to polo - a common sport among the English who inhabited India during the 1920s.

The word chukka (or chukker) gives its name to the seven and a half minute periods that make up the matches.

Because of this reference, plus the fact that a similar model was worn by polo players outside the fields, it can be said that the Chukka Boot originated in India, among the British army units stationed there - and who, of course, played polo in their spare time.

Interesting, isn't it? Anyway, it is a more casual piece that goes well with jeans in darker shades and with more casual clothes.

Sandro Moscoloni Kingston Men's Chukka Boot Light Brown


The boots are a classic, but are no longer just for the military or rockers.

Combined with jeans, there is no mistake.

Although it is not recommended for use with shorts, nowadays it is possible to create very casual looks with a pair of knee high socks combined with a pair of boots and a pair of destroyed jeans!

To illustrate this, we have selected a white hiking boot: a shoe color that is on trend and composes very modern and not obvious looks.

Sandro Republic Easy Fit Fenix Men's Boots Ice

Colorful Men's Boots

Moving on to an even more casual and modern option, this model is a great choice for those who enjoy those adventure-style boots, but don't like the overly casual and unmodern look they convey.

It is very versatile, because its safety and durability allow you to use it both in "adventurous" moments, such as on a hike or on any nature tour, and in any informal occasion.

That barbecue at friends' houses, for example, goes very well with this type of boot, a pair of shorts, and a basic T-shirt.

But you can also wear it to the movies with jeans and a longline t-shirt, or even to a casual club.

We opted for blue, but you can use the same model in other shades, such as in a reddish brown or in beige/yellow.

Buy here: Sandro Moscoloni Outdoor Blue Zippered Men's Work Boot

Meet Sandro Moscolini

Of Italian origin, the Sandro Moscoloni brand chose the city of Franca, in the interior of São Paulo, to establish itself and produce its world-famous footwear in Brazil.

The brand seeks to be recognized as a reference in the men's footwear market for its safety, comfort and quality offered. It manages to meet all styles with an innovative yet classic design. It is worth discovering.

With these men's boots, you won't go wrong when it comes to creating an imposing and modern look!

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