She's slow to come: 6 tips on how to act

If the girl you are having sex with never gets off, or seems to take too long to get there, know that, unfortunately, she is not the only one. According to a research conducted by the Sexuality Project of USP (ProSex), approximately 50% of Brazilian women have difficulty reaching climax during sex. The reasons pointed out in the research? Shame, fear and even lack of knowledge of their ownbody.

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But we have already talked about this in another article and discussed how the hole is much deeper and the discussion creates a lot of controversy.

Today, we are going to give you 6 tips on how to act when your partner takes too long to come:

Understand the differences

The male genital organ is external, and this makes things much easier. Most men know how to come, just as most women know how to stimulate a man's penis to get him there - we have had many examples of this not only in common jokes in pop culture In porn movies, which end up clearly exemplifying how to act at that moment.

With women, however, the scenario is different: the female genital organ is not so exposed and, in addition, the female orgasm can be achieved in three ways: through clitoral stimulation, stimulation of the G-spot - which is nothing more than a part of the clitoris on the inside of the vagina - or both together.

Despite having "more ways to come", getting there is not so easy because the stimulation of these points is not as "intuitive" as the stimulation of the penis. Also, not all women like the same kind of stimulation. More than 70% of women do not reach orgasm with penetration only and cannot come as fast or as intensely with G-spot stimulation. Therefore, clitoral stimulation is theeasiest way to make her come.

So have this in your subconscious to understand why it may take longer for your partner to come than it does for you to get there.

Live sex as an experience, not just a path to orgasm

Enjoy sex as a whole: explore every moment, every part of her body and let her explore every part of yours. Of course everyone wants to come, but sex is much more than that. Sex is a moment of sensual exchange and total surrender, so live the act without getting paranoid with the need to come at the "right" time, and don't despair asking the girl all the time if shehas already enjoyed.

Pressure doesn't help anything, and sex should be done to relax, not to get angry.

Find out what she likes

In a subtle and undemanding way, find out what she likes about sex. You can talk about it before the sex itself, or explore her body and senses during sex to find out. In her ear, while masturbating her or touching her body, ask her to show you how she likes to be touched. This is a good tip to see how she likes to masturbate for youtry to replicate and act in the same way.

The best thing to do is to talk to her to find out if she prefers to come with penetration or if she finds it easier to come with clitoral stimulation or oral sex. Oh, another thing: many girls don't come with oral sex because the rhythm of the tongue down there rarely reaches the speed and constant that facilitates orgasm. So, don't get angry or upset if you've tried everything down there and stillDo oral sex, of course, because she will like it - sometimes she will like it a lot - but don't get paranoid that she needs to come with your tongue there.

Ask her to masturbate

As we talked about earlier, you can ask her to masturbate and show you how she likes to touch herself. But at this time, try not to stand there staring at her face in anticipation of orgasm. Participate in the sex and live the moment. Many women enjoy nipple stimulation, so when she's playing with herself, try exciting her through her nipples.with the tongue, with the fingers, or with the hand.

If you've already talked to her and you already understand what she likes during sex, it's time to act: you know she likes to hear some hotter things while you're having sex, so know what to say in her ear and also tell her to say or say things you like.

Don't make demands

If you are more concerned with that than with pleasuring her or enjoying the exchange of sensations that sex provides, it is very likely that she won't come because she will have a hard time giving in to the moment.

So instead of asking that, try asking her if she likes it, if it feels good, and what she wants you to do.

If she didn't come that one time, it's okay. The important thing is to give yourself to sex and dedicate yourself to understand what she likes because, as we said before, it can be more difficult for a woman to come than for a man.


But after sex, try to talk to her to understand what her fantasies are, what she is curious about, where she likes to be touched, and what she enjoys doing in bed.

As we have already said, women have different stimuli: some like wilder sex, others don't. Some get off easy with penetration, others don't get off at all. Some love receiving oral sex, others are uncomfortable with it. Some enjoy nipple stimulation, others hate it. It's all about dialogue and you can be sure: talking will be worth a lot!

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