Scientific tricks to make men more attractive

By a fluke of nature, you haven't been blessed with the looks of Brad Pitt or the good looks of George Clooney. Now what to do: whine in the corner about female rejection or try to leverage your best skills and win them over with your fingernails?

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If you chose the second option, you should know that not necessarily the malingerers are doomed to failure. With the help of our friend science, we have discovered the scientific secrets/tricks to become more attractive/sexy. The tips, in addition, can help you get a better job and be well-liked by your colleagues. So, quit your nagging and get to work!

Have a naughty, bad boy face

Researchers at the University of St. Andrews have found that women prefer the naughty and bad boys to the straight, Ken-faced guys. What's more, what science has just discovered is that men with a mean face and aggressive appearance are more likely to sacrifice themselves to help their friends or family. In short, these are the guys to marry!

Sleep more, sleep better

According to research conducted at the Stockholm Sleep Laboratory in Stockholm, Sweden, people who don't get enough sleep seem less healthy and attractive than those who rest well, so stop staying up all night playing Watch Dogs (fucking game!) and go to bed!

Leave the beard

Research from the University of New South Wales in Australia showed hundreds of heterosexual women 10 photos of different stages of beard growth and asked them to score the photos for attractiveness, masculinity, health, and potential for parenting.

Men who had not shaved for ten days were the most popular among women surveyed. Men with little unshaven beard for about five days were considered less attractive.

Keep your posture

A study conducted at the University of California (1997) revealed that bending over is traditionally a sign of weakness, a positioning of those who are more concerned with protecting themselves from attack, a sign of insecurity. Keeping your posture conveys confidence, can say a lot about you and, as a bonus, attract women. Walk with your chestforward, shoulders firm and at the right height.

Have a deep voice

Scientists at the University of Aberdeen, Scotland, attest that men with a thick voice can stick in women's memories. According to the study, the tonality of the voice is used as a way to score the genetic qualities of a potential long-term relationship partner.

Man's Way

The same scientists surveyed data on the physical appearance of men desired by women. In some countries, such as England and Sweden, men with delicate features and a feminine manner are more successful. But in Brazil, the situation is completely opposite: 55% of women prefer men with a capital H, more masculine. So, be manly.

Have a scar on your face

A study conducted by the Universities of Liverpool and Stirling in the UK has shown that a small facial scar can make a man more attractive to women.

However, the scars make the candidate more suitable for quick relationships and not for long-lasting marriages. If you want to enjoy life to the full, enjoy it!

Take care of your height (real or metaphorical)

In the past, height was, in men, their strongest letter of introduction to win a woman. Now, however, this physical grandeur can be compensated in another way: if you are not tall, have a good financial stability, that is enough for you to win a partner.

Walk in packs

The publication Psychological Science concluded that people are more attractive when seen in groups. This is a good tip to keep going out with your friends.

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