Oral sex mistakes: what you should not do when sucking a woman

Oral sex is one of the best ways to give pleasure to a woman. However, not all men have mastered the art - and you: are you still making beginner's mistakes or are you already a pro?

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Well, although there is no definitive list or a complete manual with tips that works for every woman on the planet, some girls agree to repudiate certain attitudes or mistakes in oral sex.

Oral sex mistakes: what you should not do when sucking a woman

But don't worry if you don't get the results you want at first. You will have plenty of opportunities to improve! The important thing is to want to learn, right? That said, let's get to the main oral sex mistakes:

Don't do it willingly

Perhaps this is the main oral sex mistake you need to avoid. Are you going to suck? Then suck hard.

Women can tell when a guy is not in the mood for oral sex (just like a guy can tell when a woman doesn't want to suck - it's a mistake that goes both ways), so go for it!

If the reason you don't feel like it is because of the taste of your pepeka, you can mask it with some oils or gels for oral sex. Besides, it will make oral sex much more enjoyable.

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Drooling too much

Of course saliva helps and a wet tongue makes a woman happy, but be careful not to drool too much and look like a dog drinking water.

Women already produce lubrication to make things tastier (even more so if you are sucking hard), so be careful and don't overdo it with saliva. We feel it and it is uncomfortable.

Not being patient or showing anxiety

It often takes women longer to reach orgasm, so one of the main mistakes in oral sex is to show impatience when sucking.

It is nice to make it clear that you are there to give pleasure, and therefore there is no hurry.

Since stimulation of the clitoris and other erogenous areas is less intuitive than stimulation of the penis, maintaining the consistency of movement down there for the girl to reach orgasm is a bit more complicated - and we know this.

Therefore, during oral sex, we can end up getting paranoid about how long it will take us to come, especially if we are not so delivered and if the oral sex is not so good.

Tell and demonstrate that she has all the time in the world to make out.

Not understanding the signs

Sex is an exchange, which is why the signs are so important to understand what oral sex mistakes are.

When a woman asks a man not to stop, she's probably very close to coming. So, buddy, don't stop. It may be hard not to stop because your jaw and tongue are already hurting, but if that happens you probably haven't used the techniques we've taught you!

Putting too much pressure and moving the tongue too fast can make you tire faster: The important thing is the consistency of the movement, not the speed or the force you put into it.

On the other hand, if the girl is shying away from your mouth frequently or moaning in a nasty way, you are probably hurting her or doing something wrong. So ask: in a nice way, ask if she is enjoying it or would like you to do something different.

Sucking too much or licking the "wrong" place

For those who don't know, the clitoris is a protrusion in the upper region of the vagina, with thousands of nerve endings and a single objective: to give pleasure to the woman. If you want to be a good oral performer, you have to reach this area.

With your fingers, spread the labia majora and find him more easily. Run your tongue over him, watching the girl's reaction and requests (Keep going! Further down! Higher up!). Suck on him and play as your tongue passes over the target.

One of the main mistakes of oral sex is to suck for too long on a place with little sensitivity, or even to lick too much parts of the vulva that are not as tasty as the clitoris itself. So, know how to explore the area without spending too much time in less erogenous regions.

A good tip is to tease her: kiss her thigh, breathe heavily near her vagina, lick her crotch, run your tongue over her labia, and take your time before finally reaching her clit. You will feel the signs and realize that she will be extremely aroused when you reach her clit and start playing around there.

Use too much force

Certainly, one of the main mistakes of oral sex.

The female genital region is very sensitive and a rough movement can cause pain rather than pleasure. Don't bite or try to squeeze it sharply. The suction has to be gentle and light.

You have to be careful with strength and intensity, after all, some will accept a stronger grip and even ask for it, while others are much more sensitive and you will have to follow a lighter rhythm.

Do not use your fingers

Your hands are fundamental in oral sex. Besides speeding up the orgasm, the combination of them with your mouth will turn your sucking into something memorable.

While you work the clitoris with your tongue, play with your fingers inside the girl's vagina. When your mouth is lower, use your fingers to play with the clitoris. Besides this area, you can use your hand during oral sex to squeeze her breasts and ass, always showing that you are horny!

Oral sex is not foreplay, it is sex

One of the mistakes of oral sex is to consider it as foreplay. Well, it's not. Sex is not just penetration!

When you get that out of your head and devote real attention to oral sex, you will become much better at the art of sucking a woman.

After all, by seeing oral sex as something important and delicious, you will be able to follow all the previous tips in an extremely natural way, you can be sure of that!

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