Nudred: 10 Men's Haircuts for Inspiration

Among the major men's fashion trends, men's haircuts with nudred are super on trend.

But curly hair has some specific characteristics that demand specific care and cutting.

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This happens because the spiral format of this type of texture makes it difficult for the oil from the root to reach the ends and, for this reason, curly hair is drier than other types of hair. To deal with this characteristic, some techniques have emerged and they result in cuts full of style and personality.

The nudred texturization, for example, is one of these techniques, which creates "fake dreads" with a specific sponge, ideal for those who want to do dreads but are afraid of not enjoying the result or of straining their hair.

As we said, the technique can only be applied with the use of a specific sponge made with pointed teeth or holes, which are responsible for forming the hair curls.

Texturizing works on many different cuts, so we have selected 10 cuts with nudreds for you to get into:

Medium nudred with shaved sides and razor stripes

Defining the ends of the hair with a razor gives even more emphasis to the nudred texture. You can either eliminate or keep the volume in the back, it will all depend on your style.

Nudred with mohawk

The wider Mohican with texturing is also a great idea. If you want, you can draw lines on the sides and create a different effect.

Nudred with straight top

The straight top with a gradient on the front is also an interesting variation on the classic 1980s style.

Long Nudred

Nudging longer strands also creates an interesting effect: just take extra care with moisturizing when opting for this hairstyle.

Low nudred with razor stripe

For men who like to keep their hair shorter: experimenting with texture at this length is also possible! You can create even more personality by making little razor streaks on the side.

Nudred with semi split on the side

A cool style for those who like the razor-sharp split cut, but want to vary it by creating a more stylish version.

Loose nudred with shaved sides

Do you like a lot of volume on top of the head? Go for this style and combine it with a goatee.

Nudred with low mohawk

The low mohawk is an interesting option for guys who want to go for the mohawk, but feel insecure about keeping their hair too long.

Discreet Nudred

You can also stick to nudred without changing your look too much, just keep the cut straight with the top higher up and draw the ends in without too much marking.

Nudred with lots of volume

This cut was in fashion in the 1980s and 1990s and will be back with everything next year: to adhere to it, just leave the curls very long and then shave the sides and create a wider Mohican, pulling the strands up and combed with the brush to create the texture.

So, which style did you like the most?

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