NIKE AIR JORDAN 1: 6 Similar and Cheapest Sneakers

Nike Air Jordan 1: a dream for many people, but the price doesn't always help. sneakerhead , appearance in movies like "Spider-Man in the Spider-Verse" and a series of strategic re-releases, Jordan 1, released in 1984, has once again become one of the Nike sneakers most popular and desired of today.

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Are there any cheap sneakers similar to Air Jordan, only cheaper? We made a list with some sneakers similar to Nike Air Jordan 1 only cheaper, check it out:

Converse ERX 260

The ERX 260 model is a basketball model made in the 80's and used by great basketball stars such as Magic Jhonson and Karl Malone. A more affordable version than the Air Jordan 1, it does not lose anything in style, but has a very similar silhouette and some color schemes that remind a lot of Nike's shoes.

Where to buy the Converse ERX 260


Nike Dunk

One of the predecessors of the Air Jordan 1 and which has been embraced by the skate culture, it is usually a more affordable (and very similar) version of the Air Jordan 1. That is when you can find it. In recent times, the shoe has been gaining popularity and it is practically a find to find a model here in Brazil.

Where to buy the Nike Dunk


QIX 80'S

You can find it at national men's tennis brand QIX has a version inspired by shoes from the 80's, but with a color pattern very similar to the Air Jordan 1. It is worth it not only for the value, but for the comfort of the brand's shoes.

Where to buy the QIX 80'S


Collab Marcos Mion Harcore Footwear

Created by Marcos Mion, this shoe looks like a deconstructed and more recent version of the Air Jordan 1. By the way, if you don't know Harcore Footwear, here is the recommendation of a national brand of streetwear shoes very interesting to follow.

Where to buy the Collab Marcos Mion

Hardcore Footwear

Nike Legend Force Mid

The Legend Force looks like a hybrid of the Air Foce 1 with the Air Jordan 1. A slightly more understated option for those who like sneakers in more basic colors,

Where to buy Legend Force Mid


Adidas Entrap

This is not a sneaker that looks like the Air Jordan, but it is in the same category, so to speak. The Adidas Entrap is a basketball sneaker from the three-stripe brand that was Jordan's first choice before choosing Nike to sponsor him.

Where to buy the Adidas Entrap


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