Men's Regatta T-Shirt: How and where to wear

I admit that I have heard quite often from various groups of women and even some guys talking bad about men who wear regattas. They relegate it to an item only for the gym, the beach, or for children and teenagers.

To demystify the piece of clothing and point out occasions and types of regattas that can compose a man's outfit, we decided to make a special video discussing the topic. Check out the complete chat on link !

You make your choice, not others

First, it is necessary to remove some of the prejudice of the piece. Because it provides more mobility and gives a more casual look, the regatta often gives the false impression to some people of a sloppy look. But it is not.

We live in a tropical country, and the regatta has everything to do with our temperature and lifestyle.

About the patrol that wants to exclude the tank top from your closet, simply stop and rethink. Women have all the freedom to wear skirts, shorts, tank tops, and whatever suits them best in the heat. Men also have every right to wear pieces that match the weather and convey comfort and style.

And if you are still against it, you will see throughout this article images that prove that it is possible to have a style wearing a tank top, because it has more to do with feeling good and having an identity with what you wear than a simple standard of what you can and cannot wear.

In the gym

For those who practice sports, weight training, or aerobic exercises, a tank top is a very functional item. There are compression models that also help with posture and provide better performance in physical activity.

If you are from the maromba team, just be moderate about the famous tank tops that are too low-cut and with just a little string covering the beak of the chest. Less is more.

On the beach or during the day

Models with bright colors, prints, stripes, or geometric designs are more than welcome. To compose the look, shorts or shorts, sneakers or moccasins, sunglasses, and that's it.

An informal piece with other more formal ones

Another good way to wear a tank top is with other less casual pieces, such as basic jeans, twill pants, or even tailoring. This mix is comfortable and still conveys style.

Regata complementing the look

If you are not in a beach town or want to make your outfit a little less casual, you should wear a regatta as part of your look. A white regatta, for example, goes very well with jeans, floral shirts, and summer shirts.

Even with a light jacket, it can convey a cool style to you. What's more, you can wear the combination for the mid-season season. This look is suitable for going out at night, clubbing, and hanging out in bars.

Loose Fit, the fashionable, hybrid tank top

Some famous people and celebrities have already adhered to the new regatta format, which is wider, with a straight cut, and with sides that are more low-cut than the traditional ones. It is democratic, working well for those who have a thinner biotype and also for those who are more muscular.

The cool thing is that you can also customize the piece by wearing a t-shirt or blouse.


- Pay attention to the places and occasions for wearing the garment.

- For those with a fatter biotype, avoid extremely low-cut tops. More traditional tops are recommended.

- For the slim, very low-cut tank tops give the impression that you're too loose inside or that you've picked up a model that is much bigger than you are. Prefer the slim cut ones or the ones that fit your body better;

- Since you are going to have your armpit hair out in the open, you don't need to have it sticking out of the sides.

- Make the visual trade-off when composing the outfit. T-shirts with flashy colors or prints call for more basic complements (more neutral pants, shorts, and Bermuda shorts).

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