Men's Gradient Cut, or fading in the undercut

In the last few years, the haircut with shaved sides and a long top has made the head of men - excuse the pun - and also of women around the world. Inspired by the military cuts and the rockabilly fashion of the 1950's, the undercut has recently become popular mainly because David Beckham, Justin Timberlake and others have adopted the style!

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Today, variations of this same hairstyle have emerged to please all tastes and face shapes. After all, because it almost totally eliminates the hair on the side, the undercut is not a cut that perfectly suits all styles.

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The gradient cut, for example, has emerged as a less radical and more harmonious option, ideal for various hair types and head shapes.

If you want to join the style, we explain how the cut is made and separate some examples for you to get inspired!

Instead of shaving the whole side of the head and leaving the long strands only on top, the new proposal is to shave about 2 cm above the ear and around it and, before reaching the top of the head, to perform the gradient cut.

The lower part of the head has much less hair, and the length of the hair increases all the way to the top.

The technique is not so simple, because in the gradient cut, the change in length cannot be noticeable, and so the barber needs to master the correct disguise pattern, and the change at the correct time from machine 1 to 2, and then 1.5 to 0.5, and finally to 0.

This technique is also given another name, fading The result is a lighter hairstyle when it eliminates the rough parting and improves the proportion in the length of the strands.

The gradient cut suits all face shapes, but for those with round or oval faces, it is an excellent option to balance the features and harmonize the features.

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