Men's Curly Haircut: Check out 12 Trends for 2021

The trends for men's coily haircuts may change over time, but they are also full of classics that never go out of style. Since hair is part of the construction of self-esteem, especially for black men, it is important to get the cut and care right.

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But to get into the curly haircut trends and know how to take care of it, it is necessary to know how to identify your hair type. Here you will find some male curly haircut trends for 2021.

Use this list to get inspired and choose your next haircut well!

Low or shaved side braids

The braids can be long, short, or medium. This cut can leave the sides of the hair very short, or shaved with a disguise. You can wear a mohican of braids, or just on top of the head.

This cut offers a certain versatility, since it is possible to wear the hair pinned up, showing the cut, loose to one side or the other. It is even possible to leave it loose in order to hide the whole cut, a good hiding device when the hair is losing its cut and you need to go to the barber but don't have time.


The traditional cut, which goes from the top of the forehead to the nape of the neck, goes very well with a shaded side or even a shaved side with a cool design to enhance the sides.

Mohawk in disguise

The disguised Mohawk has some differences from the Mohawk. It does not go from the forehead to the nape of the neck, but ends a little earlier, with a gradient cut. In addition, the area on top of the head is wider than a regular Mohawk.

Afro color

Colored afro's are trending. Since the focus here is on color, you can go with any curly men's haircut on this list. But it is also an option to use colored braids or even dye your dreadlocks.

High Coke

The high bun is another trend. A high bun with low or shaved sides gets a special charm with scratches on the sides.


The ideal is to focus on the top and leave it with a lot of volume. To do this, use a fork comb whenever you finish your hair.

Short Dread

The short dread looks great combed forward and with shaved sides. You can even colorize your dreads and unite two trends into one cut.

Short Twist

The twist follows the same recommendations as the dread. Although the technique is different, the cut can be the same.

Black Power

Black power is a classic. It can be very long or very short. The secret is the perfect cut, to make the black look gorgeous. Don't forget to use a fork comb to give the hairstyle plenty of volume.

Apartment top

This is another classic that never goes out of style. Will's cut in A Crazy Man on a Piece is still a success, but it's not easy to reproduce, so when you're going to do it, look for a professional who already has experience with the cut.

Crew cut

A classic curly haircut for men that is ideal for those who prefer to keep their hair shorter. It uses a gradient on the sides and the top of the head is higher, but still low in length. The idea of this cut is to keep the hair very short.

Hair parting scratches

The sides look good with a gradient, but in a way that still allows you to see the difference in the side parting.

After all these tips, you can now choose the best cut and even decide to change the color of your hair.

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