Male hair: find out what type you are and how to take care of it

Hair care is not exclusive to women, men are increasingly interested in the health and appearance of their hair. male hair It is not just a matter of going to the barber and throwing one of these cuts. There are several types of hair and ways of taking care of each one.

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That's why we've put together a guide for you to discover your hair type and learn how to keep it hydrated, clean, and stylish. Here's how.

Discover your hair type

You should know that for each type of hair, there are specific products that help care for the strands, so it is very important, first of all, to find out yours.

Hair can vary in texture, thickness, color, and exposure to chemicals, but in general, they can be divided into 4 categories: straight, wavy, curly, and frizzy.

Straight Male Hair

Straight hair is hair that has no curls, is thinner, and is organized. This type of hair can be divided into subcategories: 1A, in which the hair has no curls and is thinner; 1B, in which the hair is still straight, but thicker; and, finally, 1C, for hair that has more texture and is thicker.

As straight hair tends to have thinner and weaker strands, it is important to always use thermal protectors to armor and protect the hair against external actions such as the sun and wind.

How to care for it?

Among the four options, straight hair is the easiest to identify and care for. However, it is more prone to greasiness and low volume. For this reason, it is recommended that you wash your hair every day to avoid the accumulation of oils on the scalp.

Pomades and gels are the perfect option for those who want to add texture and volume to their hair. Get to know some cuts for straight hair .

Wavy men's hair

This men's hair is the middle ground between straight and curly. They are not so straight and thin, but they don't form curls either. With a bit more volume, these strands are easier to style than straight ones, but they can be drier.

Like the straight ones, they are also divided into 3 subcategories: 2A, with lighter waves; 2B, with more noticeable waves and medium texture; and 2C, with open curls.

How to care for it?

To make your hair healthier and more beautiful, wash it with shampoo and conditioner, but dry it naturally to avoid frizz (hair that doesn't stay aligned and stands up independently).

Because it is drier, it is recommended to invest in monthly hydrations, which not only take care of the hair but also help to reduce the volume of the hair. wavy haircuts ? we also have.

Curly men's hair

We have already made a guide just talking about curly male hair In this type, the strands have curls, which can be more open or defined, and are usually accompanied by some frizz. Just like straight hair, they are thinner and more fragile.

Its subcategories are: 3A, with more open and loose curls; 3B, with more defined and thicker locks; and 3C, with more voluminous, thicker, and tighter curls.

How to care for it?

For both women and men with curly hair, the low poo technique is recommended, that is, products such as shampoos used in smaller quantities and without or with few sulfates.

Because they are drier, these strands also need constant hydration, but keep in mind that it is not necessary to wash your hair every day, the ideal is every other day.

Curly men's hair

They are the easiest strands to identify, for growing close to the root, with tight curls and greater volume. need special care (see which ones) .

Its 3 subcategories are: 4A, with tight and more opaque curls; 4B, with completely wavy strands that require specific cuts ( see here 50 curly men's haircuts ); and 4C, extremely frizzy, in zigzag format.

How to care for it?

Invest in specific products for curly hair and avoid using equipment that can damage the hair, such as hair dryers and hair straighteners.

For curlies who like a lot of volume, fork combs are the best recommendation.

Male hair with chemistry

This type of male hair has already suffered some kind of chemical process, such as bleaching or straightening. So, if you have already platinumed, bleached, or straightened your hair, you fall into this category.

How to care for it?

In this case, hydration is essential, and the most recommended is the reconstruction hydration, to revitalize the hair. Bet on vitamin-based products, ensuring strength and health.

Tips for all hair types

Now that you know your hair type and how to care for your hair, here is a list of tips that are valid for any man's hair:

  • Choose your products well. Each hair requires a specific type of shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer ( see here the importance of using the right shampoo ).
  • Avoid hot baths. The high temperature of the water helps to dry and damage the hair ( what makes your hair fall out even more in the cold ).
  • Keep the cut up to date. Just like the products, each hair requires a specific cut, so keep it regular at the barber's ( here are some cutting tips for inspiration ).
  • Wear hats in moderation. Many men love to wear hats everywhere, but regular wearing of hats can damage hair and even cause dandruff. (See how to choose the right cap for your face and head .)

Oh, and if you read all this with a heavy heart because you are losing your hair, don't worry. Here is our guide with a step by step for those who are going bald .

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