Male earrings: check out 9 types and learn how to use them

Like watches and rings, these accessories tend to be the perfect complements to an amazing look.

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The men's earring became an accessory worn by men again in the late 1960s and early 1970s. At first worn by artistic groups and hippie movements, however, over time, the accessory gained prominence with athletes and celebrities around the world.

Men's hoop earring

The men's hoop earring is the accessory that never goes out of style.

Their different styles, colors, and sizes make this versatility possible. men's hoop earrings can be combined in more alternative and casual looks; however, they can also be combined in more casual, basic, or understated styles.

The masculine hoop earring was one of the first to gain prominence when the wearing of the masculine earring became popular among men. Whether they are small hoops or not, silver, gold, or even black, with this type of earring it is always possible to create more sober or more daring compositions.

Male earrings with pendant

Unlike the hoop earring, this one draws a little more attention. The men's earring with pendant can be used in more modern looks, it all depends on which pendant is chosen.

Although less discreet than the hoop earrings, this model is on trend. It is the type of earring indicated for those who are used to wearing the accessory. This is because it tends to be a focal point of the look.

Pendant earrings can be combined with other accessories, from the simplest to the most eye-catching.

Within the pendant earrings, there are two that stand out, the one with the cross and the feather.

Earrings with cross

Within the pendant earrings category are the cross earrings.

Their insertion in the look will depend on a few details: the size of the cross, the color, and the shape. In general, these are more geared to those who have an alternative look.

This type of earring can be worn in a more rock style, as well as in a skateboarding style and even in hip hop culture.

Feather earring

The men's feather earring is as popular as the cross shape, but a good combination is required for this one, and it can be worn from the simplest to the most elaborate looks.

The feather earring allows you to create a much more modern look than the more discreet options on the list.

Male earrings with chain

To further enhance this, it is also possible to find earrings that have the pendant hanging from a small chain. They can be simple, or have larger and more eye-catching chains.

In some cases, there are styles where the chain can interconnect different pendants by hanging down. Or even where the chain attaches to two parts of the ear.

The chain earring is already a much more eye-catching piece that requires more attention and care when putting together a combination.

Brilliant Earrings for Men

The glitter earring offers status. They are popular with celebrities and can be a larger piece, or even just a point of light. They can go from discreet to flashy and still remain luxurious.

Great athletes, rappers, and even Hollywood actors wear this type of earring. Neymar, who is also known for wearing jewelry in his earrings, has often worn the style of glitter earrings.

However, if you cannot afford such an expensive piece, Zirconia is a replacement that reproduces the shiny effect of jewelry.

Pressure Earring

If you are looking for the style of earrings, but without necessarily piercing the ear, clip-on earrings are the solution.

This earring has a more sober tone and tends to be smaller. However, there are push earrings that are very similar to pierced ones. It is possible to find earrings that simulate chain earrings, and even small reamers.

The pressure earring can be worn in more casual situations, because its style is more discreet.


The reamer is a very popular style of earring, yet it is the most radical on the list.

It tends to be considered rebellious and has the risk of the hole not coming back to normal. This is because the usual thing is that you get bigger and bigger in your reamer.

Some people choose to use the small one and not enlarge it too much.

However, there are also those who choose a more radical style, widening it quite a bit. This accessory has a culture more geared toward something more rebellious, skateboarding, and sometimes even alternative.

Generally, they imprint a stronger, more marked style. However, it can be quite versatile according to the size chosen for the reamer. It all depends on the way it will be incremented within the look.

Rebar with ring

The reamer can also be adorned with a ring, for example.

This style forms a combination with even more elements.

Combining the items on the list is very possible. Take your chances with the combinations and build the perfect look for every occasion.

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