Male Beauty Standards Around the World

It is wrong to think that it is only women who suffer from stereotypes and standards of beauty. More and more men are starting to worry about aesthetics and to admit dissatisfaction with their own bodies.

To give you an idea, men's beauty products saw an increase of over 70% worldwide between 2012 and 2014. In 2013 alone, men's skincare alone generated $3.3 billion dollars in spending on the planet.

More care and concern with beauty results in a more critical perception of oneself. male beauty benchmarks in 12 countries.

Although this survey will not serve as a parameter in your life, it is good to see the discrepancies and particularities of taste in each nation, such as in some countries where tanning is frankly used and, others where skin whitening is preferred.

Check out the main attributes admired in each country!

1# United States

  • Sexiest male celebrities: Chris Evans, Channing Tatum, Chris Pratt;
  • While women are under pressure to be thin, men are under pressure to be muscular;
  • An ideal American male body type has a large upper body, including the shoulders, biceps and pectoral muscles. V-shaped seems to be a key term;
  • In recent years, bearded, plaid-shirted people have become so popular among Americans that they have earned the nickname "lumbersexual;
  • Preference predominantly white/Caucasian.

2# Mexico

  • Sexiest male celebrities: David Zepeda, Erick Elías, Gael García Bernal;
  • Being "macho", having a more macho behavior, is an important aspect in Mexican culture;
  • But being a gentleman is a considerable attribute;
  • In the 2000s, Mexicans ranked second as the world's most vain people, second only to Venezuela.

3# Brazil

  • Sexiest male celebrities: Rodrigo Santoro, Bruno Gagliasso, Cauã Reymond;

    Brazil is one of the most diverse societies in the study, but being white/Caucasian, with straight hair is part of the ideal of beauty;

  • Being white, blond, and blue-eyed, yet tanned, is one of the most highly regarded beauty ideals for both men and women;
  • Men's hygiene and beauty products are fast-growing markets in the country;
  • Being muscular is of utmost importance.

4# South Africa

  • Sexiest male celebrities: Dean Geyer, Devin Paisley;
  • Although it is a predominantly black country (almost 80%), being white is of extreme importance;
  • More than 77% of the covers of Men's Health South Africa and GQ South Africa featured white models;
  • Skin whitening with cream is very popular for both sexes;
  • Being slim is more important than being muscular.

5# Nigeria

  • Sexiest male celebrities: D'banj, David Agbodiji, Iyanya;
  • Nigerian culture sees endurance and strength as ideals of beauty;
  • Among elements that make up masculinity are physical strength, bravery, protection, assertiveness, virility, and lack of emotion.

6# Turkey

  • Sexiest male celebrities: Tolgahan Sayisman, Kıvanç Tatlıtuğ, Burak Özçivit;
  • The perception of masculinity is beginning to change to a more romantic and sensitive behavior;
  • Among the services most sought after by men is hair removal;
  • Women prefer men without chest hair.

7# Italy

  • Sexiest male celebrities: Raoul Bova, Claudio Marchisio, Giulio Berruti;
  • Italy is considered the capital of men's fashion;
  • Men are used to caring more about their outfit;
  • They wear suits and well-stitched clothes and moccasins without socks;
  • Italian men are not afraid to wear clothes with more striking colors, nor colors considered more feminine such as pink;
  • "Sprezzatura," meaning having an air of studied indifference, is a quality often associated with ideal male attractiveness;
  • Getting your eyebrows done and taking care of these details is normal, and important!

8# United Kingdom

  • Sexiest male celebrities: David Beckham, Jamie Dornan, Robert Pattinson;
  • Models and soccer players are considered the ideal male beauty;
  • Barba started to play an important role;
  • British masculinity is divided between metrosexual and normal;
  • 1 in 5 Britons has a tattoo, making the UK one of the countries with the most tattooed people in the world.

9# India

  • Sexiest male celebrities: Siddharth Malhotra, Ranbir Kapoor, Varun Dhawan;
  • Demographically it is the country with the most consumers of men's skin care;
  • Skin whitening creams are becoming increasingly popular;
  • The important thing is to show the confidence of Indian men, to "assert their power" over other men and women.

10# South Korea

  • Sexiest male celebrities: Won Bin, G-Dragon, EXO members;
  • Muscular bodies with smooth features are of utmost importance;
  • Plastic surgery is gaining more and more momentum to obtain larger eyes, double eyelids, and a more pronounced nose with a raised bridge;
  • Skin whitening creams are popular products;
  • It is common for men to wear makeup.

11# Philippines

  • Sexiest male celebrities: James Reid, Daniel Padilla, Piolo Pascual;
  • The masculinity of Filipinos is the result of the mix between Spanish and American influences;
  • Important are qualities such as supporting the family, virility, and being in control;
  • The "ideal male" is the metrosexual.

12# Australia

  • Sexiest male celebrities: Hugh Jackman, Ryan Kwanten, the Hemsworth brothers;
  • When a man wants to look different than how he is, he seeks to lose weight or become more muscular;
  • The six most common plastic surgeries among men are: nose job, eye bags, penis enlargement, plastic surgery for wrinkles on the face, ears correction, and liposuction;
  • Australians were voted the sexiest in the world in 2013 on the dating site

Ideals of beauty are constantly evolving

  • More than 40% of the millennial generation in the USA are non-white;
  • A 2010 study found that among white, black and mixed-race faces, the generation of the '00s consider mixed-race people to be more attractive;
  • A 2014 study found that women found men with feminine features more attractive than those with traditionally masculine features. Women in urban areas tend to prefer male subjects, while women in rural areas do not, which challenges the common anthropological theory that attraction to male male appearance is evolutionary.

And for you, what makes the male ideal of beauty?

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