LONGLINE T-Shirt: How to Wear and WHERE TO BUY

There is not much certainty about the origin of this trend, some say it originated in London and some assure that the fashion of longline t-shirt was born in New York.

Regardless, the trend is already part of the male closet and you have probably seen someone wearing this type of longer T-shirt.

The guys who influence fashion abroad popularized the style, and now it is relatively easy to find this T-shirt model in many stores here in Brazil.

See our tips on how to wear the longline t-shirt and where to buy it.

Value your body shape

This model of elongated t-shirt So, if you are shorter and have thicker legs, our suggestion is to choose a model without prints on the bar or without contrasting colors between the bottom and the top.

And to further improve the visual proportion, the pants can be darker and tighter, while the shirt will lengthen your body if it is lighter, and preferably with vertical stripes.


The proposal of the long line t-shirt So, you can work this concept into your other clothes: when it's cold, you can wear a sweatshirt - also longer - over the t-shirt and leave only the hem of the shirt showing underneath it.

Jackets are also interesting, and if you feel a little insecure when it comes to matching, it is best to opt for the same shade as the shirt or to avoid prints.


Several stores in Brazil sell pieces with creative and interesting prints and, if that is your style, you can wear them without fear.

The models above, for example, go well with skinny jeans, twill pants in neutral tones, and even sweatpants.


Since the T-shirt is already long, it doesn't go well with shorts. Combining these two pieces can mess with your body proportion in a negative way and shrink your legs.

But if you are taller and have thinner legs, you can try combining a longline T-shirt with knee-length jeans.


It is nice to pay attention to the composition of the fabric before you buy: longline shirts have a better fit when the composition is less stiff.

As the piece's purpose is to be looser and looser on the body, it goes better with lighter fabrics. Look for thin knits and avoid thicker fabrics.


To keep the style casual, you can invest in leather or suede accessories, such as long necklaces, bracelets, and wristbands.

On the feet, heavier shoes - like boots and high-top sneakers - are great choices!

Where to buy

  • Kanui
  • Riachuelo
  • Posthaus
  • Emmaus Collective
  • Stoned
  • Marombada Shop
  • La Mafia
  • Hermoso Compadre
  • Right There
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