How to wear a team jersey with style: 3 tips for dressing well

Do you like to wear team jerseys everywhere? If you have a collection or simply enjoy going out with your heart team emblazoned on your chest, you've probably seen someone turn up their nose when you put on that team jersey to go out to dinner or to the movies, right?

  • If you like to wear team jerseys, check out these amazing designs!
  • If you like sportswear, here's how to use it on a daily basis

So take a look at these tips to find out how to wear a team shirt for any occasion, and how to combine the piece so it doesn't look so sloppy.

It is not a good idea to wear a team shirt to formal events

As much as you may think that team shirt of yours is beautiful and consider it to be the most beautiful piece in your closet, it should not be worn at more formal events.

It is not a good idea to wear a team jersey with dress pants, nor to wear a team jersey to an important dinner party, after all, it was not made for that. There are etiquette rules that must be followed to make a good impression, and this is one of them.

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Escape from light jeans

By wearing plain jeans with no personality, the image you will convey when wearing a team shirt is not ideal: you will look sloppy and untidy.

To balance things out, choose pants in a dark shade, such as black or navy blue, for example, or mustard twill pants - the best option will depend on the predominant color of your shirt.

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Pay attention to the shirt model

National team shirts are more discreet than club shirts, so they are easier to combine.

When choosing the shirt you will wear, pay attention to this: opt for shirts without so much writing and also invest in simpler pieces.

Many stores, for example, offer the "retro" models, which are very stylish and minimalist - but you can also opt for more modern versions, like the example above.

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Ideal suggestion for wearing a team shirt

Above, a perfect suggestion for wearing a team shirt! A basic Juventus model with black pants and dark Nike sneakers!

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Combined in this way, you will certainly look stylish!

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