How to wear a man's turtleneck

Fashion is a cyclical thing and trends are aesthetic patterns that come and go at the same speed. But there are basic pieces that are not transient and match any style.

A turtleneck, or turtleneck Extremely elegant and versatile, it was already a trend in the 1950s, 1960s, 1970s, and 1990s, and after so many changes in the male closet, fashion has accepted that the turtleneck is here to stay.

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You can combine a turtleneck blouse with several different pieces to create a look that suits your style.


Turtleneck blouses can be made of lighter fabrics or thicker wools. If you opt for a heavier piece, the tip is to wear it alone or with an equally bulky jacket on top. Since the piece is quite full, if you put on a tighter jacket or a thinner coat, you will lose visual proportion.

We will show you which is the best option for these occasions.

With blazer and vest

When complementing a suit for the office, you can wear an overcoat over the blazer on colder days. The main tip is: blouses with lighter fabrics call for tighter jackets. Blouses with thicker fabrics call for jackets with more volume.

Color Contrast

If you want to be a little bolder in your choice of pieces, work with harmonic colors: like gray and navy blue, and brown and beige. You can also play with contrasting colors if you want a more youthful style.

+ Color Combinations

With leather jacket

Actor Michael Fassbender seems to have incorporated his interpretation of Steve Jobs into real life. He wears a lot of turtlenecks on a daily basis and combines them with leather jackets. You can do the same, in fact, this is one of the most classic combinations among turtleneck fans.


The easiest way to wear a turtleneck is to combine it with jeans. When the blouse is plain, without prints and monochromatic, it is very elegant to wear it without a jacket. To avoid being too cold, wear another blouse underneath.


Some people say that shorts can't wear it because it flattens the body, which is not true: by knowing how to work with overlays and color contrasts, any man looks good in a turtleneck blouse.

If you are shorter, wear pants in the same shade as the blouse. If your neck is too thick, opt for a more open collar; if your neck is too short, invest in a collar with horizontal stripes in the garment.

Do you think you are chubbier? Then wear a darker turtleneck or, if you want a lighter shade, wear a black jacket over it.

Don't believe anyone who says you can't wear a certain piece of clothing. Play with fashion to discover overlays and tricks that enhance your body shape and take a risk!

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