How to hang someone (safely) during sex

Among the many things people enjoy doing when having sex, erotic asphyxiation is one of the most interesting. Not only because it seems extremely dangerous (and it is) to all people with common sense, but also because we know so little about it. Are there many people who feel horny about it? Why? How do they do it? Well, it's time to learn more about it - and the hang someone (safely) during the sex .

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Before we begin, it is worth reinforcing the warning: hanging yourself during sex is extremely dangerous and should be done with caution. There are many risks. Just because you are interested doesn't mean you should go out and strangle your partner or seek someone else just for that. Asphyxiation is not a first date activity, so take it easy.

If you are interested, you need to be very careful: "Hanging" is a much more serious fetish than the classic BDSM (see here what it is, in case you don't know) or other kinky games.

You need consent A recent survey revealed that many women have described feeling fear during sex because their partner unexpectedly tried to choke them. Definitely don't do this.

But if it is so dangerous, why do people enjoy hanging themselves during sex? And how to do it safely? Let's see.

What's the big deal about hanging yourself during sex

Experts in health and sexual behavior say that, in men, choking near orgasm may have enhanced the euphoric effect of sexual climax. But the appeal of choking goes beyond stronger orgasms. The arousal has profound psychological implications.

Choking highlights whether or not you are in control. Giving someone permission to choke you in sex - or vice versa - is allowing both of you to assume dominant or submissive roles in bed. Freedom from being in control, or having the power that comes with it, is what makes many people very horny - see bondage, sadomasochism, submission, etc.

So it's easier to understand the deal if you accept that choking is an act of surrender, done when you completely trust the other person and let them take complete control of your life - kind of literally. You're not really looking for some kind of near-death experience, but the prospect of someone else having that power can be exciting.

How to hang someone or be hanged safely during sex

Choking is common in pornography, usually with a man in the dominant position. Many guys think this means they have to do the same to "man up" in bed. This is bullshit - and dangerous.

Watching someone being choked in a porn video is in no way a lesson in proper hanging technique (porn doesn't teach you anything, really). If you do something the wrong way, it can cause serious injury or even death. So, once again, take it easy. And follow the steps below.

First of all, you need a full mind

If you don't know what you're doing, haven't discussed it with your partner and/or aren't in the right mood, forget it. Hanging or being hung during sex needs to be safe, consensual and make sense to both of you. Don't practice erotic asphyxiation if you're insecure, let alone if you've been using drugs or alcohol. Your mind needs to be full and calmabout it.

Learn about the parade

If you don't know what you are doing, you can seriously hurt someone. The best way to figure out how to choke during sex is with workshops, proper training, and practice. Study the anatomy of the neck and read up on choking before you try it.

Find out the best place and the best way to grab the other person's neck

When you start to hang, gently press on one side of the esophagus and calculate how much pressure you need. If you press directly on the front of the neck (where the Adam's apple is), you can cause coughing. And that is super dangerous, because you are restricting the flow of air and you might even break something.

Pay close attention to the other person

If you hang too long, it can cause brain damage or even death, so don't let yourself get too horny. The thing is to be vigilant during play to ensure the safest experience for everyone.

Your partner should be able to answer if you ask them something, and if they don't, stop immediately. Never choke someone so hard that they can't utter words out loud.

Set Limits

Before any choking takes place, both partners need to set limits and indicate what they are and aren't okay with. Talk about the ideal time, intensity and general purpose of the choking. Whether it will take place during penetration, oral sex or closer to coming, etc. Whether it will be more of a joke or in the middle of a more serious submission. All of this should be determined before youdo anything.

Have a safe word

In any prank, a safety word should be established at the very beginning. Just agree on a word, usually non-sexual, that indicates when someone is uncomfortable with what is going on and wants the prank to stop. Also, have a "safety action," like a "no" with a head shake or arm slap (like in MMA).

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