How to deal with the games and sweet ass?

I'm a straightforward woman, always have been, but I'm starting to realize it's not working out....

Sweet ass: from the Greek "ass γλυκό" when the little girl or boy wants it, but keeps fooling around to see if it increases the value of the pass.

(God damn, how I hate that!)

I have a video on my channel just about sweet ass, go check it out ;)

My philosophy of life is: If you want something, go and get it!

No playing hard to get, if the other one wants to, SHOW, if not that's ok, move on to the next one!

But I started to realize that some men only value girls who play games, so I came here to (vent) try to help put an end to this nagging!

So I've come to give you some tips to get this habit out of your life NOW! Whether you're suffering from a girl's sweet ass, or playing games...

1. don't underestimate those who have attitude

Exactly! if the girl turns to you and says -I want you now! Don't tell me she's a slut, or that she doesn't value herself, because then you can't defend yourself! Make up your mind, you can't think it's ugly for a girl to have attitude and get pissed off when she makes sweet ass, coherence is the least I ask of you.

2. don't do it with others

Men love to say that we women are frivolous and that we don't say what we want, but this is not just a woman thing, no! Make it clear what you want, sometimes the girl is just waiting for you to make a move and stop playing games.

This step is very simple, if you don't want them to play games with you NEVER do with others.

3. don't insist on the error

If the person you are in the mood for is doing CU DOCE Just show them that it's not going to work out, speak clearly, and if they continue to play games, COME OUT OF IT MY SON Don't feed something you don't agree with, I know it can be hard, but believe me, it will be better for everyone!

4. know how to differentiate

Sweet ass is very, very different from NO, The girl may be afraid of you and not be so direct when it comes to saying no, but if she is uncomfortable with your presence, if she says she doesn't want you for any reason, even if that reason doesn't make any sense, that means NO! OK? Nobody needs to give you a complete report of the reasons why this person doesn't want you.

Now that you know what to do to get this annoyance out of your life, you can go to my channel and learn several other things about relationships, sex, and much more!

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