Get to know the Sportlife style, the streetwear of the broken

Like all fashion trends, the streetwear is not something immobile and with defined limits, that does not move or change. The greatest proof of this is that a new movement has just been born within it, a style that is spreading rapidly. It is the sportlife .

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Although heavily based on sportswear It has a lot to do with the place where it emerged, the periphery. It is a culture rooted in the slums. soccer team shirt .

What is Sportlife

With references that come from both the more common sportswear found in the slums and the more chic streetwear from the outside, Sportlife is basically the style of the young person from the suburbs who has incorporated sportswear into his or her daily life. The looks are of course composed of pieces from Adidas, Nike, Fila, Umbro, and others, but also something from Lacoste, Oakley, Asics, and The North Face.

In an interview with GQ Brazil the stylist Neguinho de Favela one of the creators of the movement, defined the concept of sportlife as something inspired by "everyday runners [...]. We wear the clothes and our sport is the rush of life". So for him sportlife is not just putting on sweatpants and a team shirt and going out. It's a lifestyle, wearing sportswear as a running uniform.

How to use

As it is also a lifestyle in full development, there are not many rules. What is advocated is that sportlife requires experience. Moreover, its pieces are designed to make a good impression, of course, but also to a slightly more practical effect than the more "conventional" streetwear (or at least what it has become).

Combined with sport pants, it fulfills its function of exuding sportsmanship. It is also common to see the whole set of some team around.

An almost casual version can also be seen in some looks. Nike Tn (which is almost mandatory), a pair of sports pants, and a basic sweatshirt or t-shirt are enough for you.

In addition, accessories such as caps, goggles, masks, and gloves have also been successful, which proves that in sportlife, what really seems to count is your personality in the way you wear your sportswear.

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