Curly men's haircuts for 2017: Mohican

Growing enough volume and length of hair to create a mohawk on curly hair is not as difficult a task as you might think.

+ Curly men's haircuts for 2017

+ Men's haircuts for 2017

It is possible to achieve a very cool effect even if your hair is short! The important thing is to take good care of your hair so that it grows healthily and maintains the Mohawk design.

We have selected 16 haircut options and 8 Mohawk styles for you to be inspired on your next visit to the barber! Check it out:

Mohawk with razor designs

To create this effect, you don't need to let your hair grow that long: just 5 centimeters in the Mohawk guarantees the cut!

On the sides, feel free to take risks. In 2017, the trend is going to be geometric designs for razor stripes.

Long Mohican with dread

A favorite among hairdressers who specialize in afro hair, the Mohawk with dreadlocks is the most daring of all the options we will list here, but it is the most interesting and modern.

To grow the ideal length, you will need patience: the strands will need to grow for about five or six months to reach the ideal length.

Very short Mohawk

Doing a Mohawk on an almost bald head seems impossible, but it's not: you can create the same effect as the classic cut even if you trim the hair very close to the root, just keep the difference in length between the sides and the center of the head.

Short fauxhawk-style Mohawk

The mixture of the two styles is a trend for 2017 and suits curly-haired men well. To shape the strands more easily, you can decrease the volume of the central locks, but be careful when choosing your hairdresser.

It is essential to choose a professional who has experience in working with curly hair!

Short and kinky Mohawk

The messier and not so long strands create a great look for those who want to grow a Mohawk but are afraid to dare.

On the sides, you can bet on a gradient cut or merge the strands of hair with the beard.

Mohican faded

The faded cut on the sides modernizes the classic 1980s Mohican and creates a lighter, more relaxed look.

There is no need to join the strands with the beard, but if you want to let your beard grow, the composition becomes even more harmonious.

Mohawk straight top

This look is very interesting, but to achieve it, it is fundamental to be in the hands of a professional expert in curly hair.

The length and cut of the hair at the back of the head is different from the top, and to achieve this effect, great care is needed with the texture of the hair.

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