Best tattoo studios in São Paulo

Tattooing is like drinking beer: it is almost impossible to stop at the first one. And just like a beer - where you always end up with your favorite bar - it is always good to have a studio that you trust and like to get tattooed. But my comparison ends there.

Unlike a hangover, which lasts one day, a tattoo is something permanent that will be with you forever, so it is very important that you are very clear about what you want to get tattooed, and whether your tattoo artist has a line that fits your proposal and pleases you.

Besides that, it is vital that your tattoo studio is a clean place and that it follows all the sanitary rules necessary to perform a tattoo. Thinking about that, MHM has selected some of the best tattoo studios in SP that, besides performing beautiful work, follow all the safety rules.

So, find out what are the best tattoo studios in São Paulo below:

Last Dragon Tattoo

Operating the house for 12 years, tattooist Renato Correia has a characteristic of mastering the various styles of tattooing, from old school/traditional to Maori. With another professional and two assistants, the differential of the space is the concern in helping the client to choose a personalized and exclusive art to put on the body.

Address: Rua Antonio de Macedo Soares, 1373 - Campo Belo

Phone: 5093-9720

Led's Tattoo

Led's Tattoo is one of the largest tattoo studios in Brazil, located in an 800 square meters (2,000 square feet) two-story building that has been in operation since the 1980's. The space also offers other services such as tattoo removal and a spa with esthetics and body therapy services.

Address: Ibirapuera Avenue, 3478 - Moema

Phone: 5561-2351

Tattoo You

Tattoo You was one of the first tattoo studios founded in São Paulo, opened in 1979 by Italian Marco Leoni. Today, the place is run by Sergio Pisani, winner of more than thirty awards.

Address: Rua Tabapuã, 1443 - Itaim

Phone: 3071-1393

Gelly's Tattoo

Gelly's Tattoo is one of the hottest tattoo studio chains in town. With professionals specialized in the most diverse tattoo styles, such as Maori or Old School, the chain has three units in the capital.

Senior Unit

Address: Rua Inácio Pereira da Rocha , 409 - Vila Madalena

Phone: 4562-4501

Vila Madalena Unit

Address: Rua Mourato Coelho, 939 - Vila Madalena

Phone: 3813-7239

Vila Olímpia Unit

Address: Avenida Nova Cidade, 560 - Vila Olímpia .

Phone: 2364.3010

Black Ball Tattoo Studio

Headed by Fábio Pimentel, ex Led's Tatoo, Black Ball has a differentiated service for its clients.

Address: Rua Cristiano Viana, 119 - Vila Madalena

Phone: 11 2548-8808

Soul Tatto Art & Cafe

The trendy Soul Tattoo studio is known for tattooing celebrities and for offering a little more than just tattoos.

Address: 2203 Oscar Freire Street - Jardins

Phone: 3063-3435

True Love

True Love is located a few blocks from Paulista Avenue and counts on a team specialized in various tattoo styles. Eventually, the space receives gringos tattoo artists.

Address: Rua Augusta, 837 - Jardins

Phone: (11) 2094-3383

Tattoo Ink

Tattoo Ink has two units in São Paulo and attends to the most varied tattoo styles: watercolor, tribal, ornamental, pointillism, commercial, new school, among others.

Address: Rua Consolação, 2761, Jardins - São Paulo - Brazil

Phone: (11) 3562-5573

Address: Rua Joaquim Floriano, 302c, Itaim Bibi - São Paulo - Brazil

Phone: (11) 2592-0292

Hepiderm Design

The Hepiderme Design studio's highlight is the realistic gypsy tattoo work. Because it has a smaller space, the waiting line to schedule an appointment is long.

Address: Street Serra de Japi, 130 - Tatuapé

Phone: (11) 2296-3312

Art Fusion Concept

The Art Fusion Concept has great tattoo artists and bets on modern and very original work, including Alexandre Dallier, Mayara Compulsiva, and Rhay Farina.

Address Av. Renata, 140, Vila Formosa

Phone: (11)94467-8824

True Rise

Feliphe Veiga and Felipe Santo run the studio and work at True Rise. Veiga specializes in watercolor and his name is already among the most famous in São Paulo. In addition, the studio receives special guests from other places to present their work.

Address: Cavour Street, 271, room 03 - Vila Prudente

Phone: (11) 2061-2608

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