Best selling fat burning supplements in Brazil!

Fat-burning supplements, often known as thermogenetics, are supplements that can help you lose weight and make you reach your goal faster and more effectively.

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However, before you go out and buy any fat-burning supplement, or take thermogenics without any notion of how your metabolism works, it is essential to see a specialist.

We have already made a supplementation guide explaining the functions of the main supplements and their risks and benefits.

Have a read of the guide and also, of course, consult an expert and get a medical evaluation before you start taking any of these fat-burning supplements.

What are fat burning supplements

Thermogenics usually involve stimulants.

When consumed pre-workout by those who need an energy boost, thermogenics help improve exercise performance.

Thermogenic supplements, or fat-burning supplements, have as their main objective to increase the internal body temperature, and thus cause an acceleration of the metabolism, blood acceleration, and dilation of the veins.

This causes greater caloric expenditure and, consequently, weight loss.

When used in the right dosage and for the right amount of time - in conjunction, of course, with regular physical activity - godura-burning supplements promote even greater caloric expenditure.

This makes more fat burning happen in a shorter period of time.

That being said, let's get to our list of best-selling fat-burning supplements in Brazil!

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Burnout (Thermogenic Formula), by GO Nutrition

Ultra Premium Burnout by GO Nutrition is a fat-burning supplement with an advanced formula, composed of anhydrous caffeine in its purest form.

With 120 capsules and 210mg of caffeine per capsule, it is good to help you on weight loss diets because it speeds up the metabolism and promotes calorie burning.

It is also ideal for those who are looking for more energy and mood in their workouts.

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Max Shake, by Max Titanium

Max Shake from Max Titanium is an excellent food supplement that acts as a substitute for up to two main meals a day, by offering the levels of protein, carbohydrates, fats, fiber, vitamins, and minerals that the body needs.

The supplement comes in several flavors: chocolate, strawberry, and fruit vitamin.

It has a formula with two types of high biological value proteins that help you lose weight and gain lean muscle mass: hydrolyzed soy protein and hydrolyzed collagen.

In addition, it also has Waxy Waize - which helps in the more effective absorption of nutrients.

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Lipo 6 from Nutrex

According to the Mundo Boa Forma portal, Nutrex's Lipo 6, one of the best-selling fat-burning supplements on the planet.

Besides the differential of having been the first liquid thermogenic supplement - which makes its absorption much faster and efficient, boosting the results - Lipo 6 is very well evaluated among users.

Lipo 6 works through two mechanisms: it accelerates the burning of fat already stored in adipose tissue and, furthermore, it increases the use of fats ingested through food.

It has caffeine in its composition and, therefore, also helps reduce fluid retention, reducing swelling and fat accumulation in the muscles.

Another advantage of Lipo 6 is that it has an anti-catabolic function, because it prevents the body from using muscle fibers as an energy source.

The main substances in Lipo 6 are: Caffeine, Synephrine HCL, Bioperine (stimulant extracted from black pepper seeds and yohimbine).

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MAN Scorch

According to the American manufacturer Man, this fat-burning supplement is different from others because it does not cause the same side effects as other thermogenics - like that typical shaking and trembling.

In practice, it sounds a bit strange, since MAN Scorch contains caffeine in its formula, and as you may know, caffeine can indeed cause palpitation, agitation, and insomnia.

But MAN also assures that Scorch speeds up the metabolism while decreasing stress, fatigue, and lack of energy.

These benefits of MAN Scorch are due to the presence of rhodiola, a plant that eliminates depression and fights fatigue.

Some of the main components of MAN Scorch: Raspberry Ketones; Phenylethylamine; Synephrine; Evodiamine; Caffeine and Bioperine.

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Super HD Cellucor

Last on our list is Cellucor's Super HD.

In 2014, Super HD Cellucor was voted the best weight loss product of the year by the renowned website!

Like MAN Scorch, the thermogenic Super HD Cellucor also has rhodiola and caffeine in its formula, two ingredients that together increase focus and mood during workouts.

Another ingredient in Super HD is IFA503, a compound that reduces the body's ability to store fat and may act on the hypothalamus, promoting better appetite control.

Here are the main components:

Capsimax: capsaicin extract, the substance present in chili peppers that increases fat burning and can control appetite;

Dandelion extract: diuretic function and protects the liver functions;

Evodiamine: plant that can limit fat storage.

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