Basic Guide to Virtual Sex

Those who are in a relationship miles apart know how difficult it is to keep the flame of the relationship always burning. The lack of physical contact is very present in these moments. Making phone calls, talking via webcam is important, but the body asks for the intimacy that the couple lacks.

Technology can give you a 'helping hand' at these times with virtual sex, shortening distances, rekindling the libido, and providing pleasure for both of you, despite the geographical disparity.

Visualizing your partner in action, seeing his pleasurable expression, hearing moans and whispers can be very stimulating. For the man who has a more visual interaction, it can be even more interesting.

As a good counselor, and with the help of my friends at Câmera Privê, I have gathered some basic tips on what to do to make the experience of virtual sex even more interesting. Check it out!

Choose the place


One of the secrets of good virtual sex is to choose the place where you're going to shoot well. Make sure the environment is organized and has a certain amount of space for the recording. "Basically, it's choosing any place where the lighting is good, you feel comfortable and you have freedom of movement," points out camgirl Emme White

Take care of the look


Just because you're far away and at home doesn't mean you won't care about the visuals, it will provide more interest in the person on the other side of the camera, offer more resources for play, help your self-confidence, and increase your hard-on.

So, men, leave off the punctured underwear, the beat-up shirt, and never wear only socks during the recording. This is very embarrassing.

Create a climate


Just like on a date, virtual sex needs to have an atmosphere to happen, so please don't turn on the camera with your dick in your hand, even if you have been with your partner for years.

"Virtual sex requires more seduction, time, and everything done with care and time is more enjoyable. It is no different from real sex, both need foreplay. Without it only one will enjoy the moment, and badly," clarifies camgirl Misa.

To create an atmosphere, follow Emme White's advice: "It's nice to have an initial chat to break the ice and create an atmosphere. Compliments are always welcome and encourage us to want to do our best...".

Learn to seduce


Seduction, both male and female, is a key part of good virtual sex: "You can't forget that on the other side of the screen there is a real woman, and women enjoy foreplay. Just because it's virtual doesn't mean foreplay is unnecessary, quite the contrary!

Many times, the girl is lost on the other side not knowing what to do, how and what to show. Verbalize your desires and find out what theirs are.

"You need to know about the girl's desires, fetishes, and wishes in order to seduce her, so don't be afraid to ask. There's no way to seduce someone without at least having a base of what she likes. And of course everyone likes a good naughty thing, to let the person feel free to expose and talk about her desires. Let the person feel at ease and she'll always like it," points out camgirl Misa.

Don't be shy and rehearse


For those who are shy, the tip from the girls at Camera Prive is to force the practice so that exposure becomes more natural. Put on some music to relax, have a drink, and let the conversation flow naturally in front of the cameras.

"Learn to value your biotype and explore what is best in you. Each person is unique and has something that no other will have. What is your differential? Explore it! Learn to like your body. Nothing is sexier than a self-assured person", says Emme White.

If you are still embarrassed, turn on the camera yourself, explore the best angles and positions that give you the most value. Talk without shame. This is the best way to give your partner the freedom to give herself to you as she wants.

Show yourself too


Don't just let your girl show herself off, interact with her, make the long-distance relationship attuned. Instead of just looking and typing, show what fantasies you have with her, what fetishes you want to fulfill. Build an exciting erotic situation for the occasion.

Ask, do, observe, praise, demonstrate what pleases you and when it pleases you.

Enjoy the moment


The most important thing in virtual sex is to surrender to the moment and worry about the other person's pleasure as well as your own.


As everyone knows, showing off on the web or through digital media requires a lot of care. Choose well the sites and safe places to do this, as well as with whom you will share your intimacy. Only have virtual sex only if you feel comfortable with whoever you are doing it with.

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