Bad smell in the penis: what it can be and how to treat it

Normally, you wouldn't worry so much about your penis, but lately something has started to bother you. Well, one of the signs that the male intimate region gives when something is wrong is a change in smell. The strong odor can have different causes, but in general, all of them deserve a medical consultation.

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So, while you don't book a doctor, we have selected the main causes and symptoms of a more serious problem of bad penis smell, check it out:

Bad Smell in the Penis: Causes


Fungal infection

Urologist Guilherme Leme, a specialist in male health and fertility, explains that, as there is high temperature and humidity in the male intimate region, most local infections are of fungal nature, such as candidiasis.the Vix portal.

Such cases are called balanoposthitis and cause redness, burning, scaling, and even cracks in the skin. In cases where this inflammatory response is very intense, bad odor can set in as a result of secretion production and degradation of the skin.

"It is important to emphasize the importance of medical consultation, since, in these cases, the solution to the bad smell is the treatment of the disease, and not the intensification of hygiene, as we would intuitively think," he adds.


Sexually Transmitted Diseases, such as gonorrhea, for example, can cause yellowish, foul-smelling penile discharge. It is common for there to be other associated symptoms, such as discomfort when urinating or ejaculating, and pain in the testicles.

Urinary Infection

The bad smell can also be caused by an infection in the urinary system, and not necessarily in the penis and testicles. In these cases, the urine tends to have a stronger smell and symptoms such as burning sensation when urinating and continuous urge to urinate are also noticed.

Urinary tract infection can also be related to urethritis, the inflammation of the urethra of infectious origin that can cause the discharge of strong-smelling secretions.

Lack of hygiene

The accumulation of sweat and flaking of the skin in the penile area can leave a whitish substance called esmegma, which has a strong odor.

To avoid bad odors, it is important to wash the penis completely during bathing. The skin of the foreskin should be retracted to expose the glans completely, and cleaning should be done with abundant running water.

The use of soaps on the glans region should not be exaggerated in order not to eliminate the natural bacterial flora defenses. After bathing, it is important to dry the penis and its surroundings well and, if possible, let the skin "breathe" for a few minutes before putting on clothes.

Many men have excess skin on their genitals (the so-called foreskin), which makes retraction a little difficult, especially when the foreskin does not have enough elasticity for complete exposure of the glans (a condition that characterizes phimosis). In these cases, proper hygiene will be impossible, and the chances of installing inflammatory and infectious diseases increase greatly. When thishappens, it ends up being necessary to perform a postectomy (the surgery in which the excess foreskin is removed to treat phimosis).

Treatment for malady


If you are experiencing any changes in odor or a bad smell settling in, see a doctor - especially when there are associated visible changes, such as sores, lumps, bleeding or discharge. Infections are usually treated with antibiotic medication, as are some STIs, such as gonorrhea. So pick up the phone and call a specialist!

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