9 things a man discovers when losing his virginity

Losing virginity is a great moment in one's life man Theoretically, yes. It is something he has spent a lot of time dreaming about, there are movies about it, all his friends talk about it when it's their turn, etc. In practice, on the other hand, it can be a bit? too common. And this is just one of the things you should know about it.

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Look, we don't want to discourage anyone, we just want to share information with those who are in the struggle for their first sex. There is a lot of cool stuff too, the idea is to take some of the pressure off by knowing what to expect.

So here are some things every man discovers when he loses his virginity. Always using a condom, of course ( see our ABC of the condom in case you don't understand the subject ).

It has nothing to do with the movies

Pornography doesn't even count, because it is false and unreal on every level ( and you should even consider stopping seeing her ). But the sex scenes The real first time is much clumsier and less synchronized than the actors and actresses make it look. Be prepared to find everything very disorganized and improvised - which also has its charm.

Penetration is just a detail

Although it is the symbol of the loss of virginity, penetration is only one part of sex. And, considering that many women do not come with penetration Foreplay is fundamental to increase pleasure and ensure lubrication. And every guy should always be willing and ready to masturbate or perform oral sex on his partner.

It can be much faster than you expected

Let's say you finally get there, put your dick in, and suddenly it's over. It's normal to come quickly the first time - your excitement level is enormous and the sensations are all new. And that doesn't mean you have premature ejaculation (it is characterized by persistence of this, as we explain here Whether before or after losing their virginity, every man can masturbate an hour or two before sex to help with this.

There are several things happening at the same time

A guy needs to be able to handle several activities during sex. You may be opening a bra while kissing, for example, or need to touch the person's body while receiving oral sex. Even during penetration you need to think what to do with legs and arms and how to fit kissing and other caresses into the other movements. It's not to do everything together in a messy way, just know that sexis a more complete process than just an in and out.

Juggling can be futile

It does not do much good to plan all the Kama Sutra sex positions Or wanting to have sex standing up, lying down, sitting down, on all fours, etc. the first time. Most of the time, the first sex boils down to a boring mommy-and-puppy, which doesn't mean that it can't be intense or horny. The sexual position does little for a couple without chemistry, so pay attention to the most important thing.

The loss of virginity can also hurt men

The loss of virginity for men can also be a moment of pain. If lubrication is not up to the mark and you are nervous, you will do something awkwardly and hook some skin on the other - which will yield a moment of pain. Likewise, if you try a very daring position or a support without balance, you may get some discomfort. To avoid it, go slowly, do eachthing in its own time and stay calm.

Noises and smells are part of sex

The human body is a pretty crazy thing, and when it comes to sex it can go to the limit. Everything is hot and horny and trying to explode into a hard-on, so some strange things can happen. vaginal bang And, well, if you have never put a penis or a vagina in your mouth, you may find the taste strange. Always be showered and ready to laugh if something unexpected happens. Humor can be very attractive, even during sex.

Chances are it will be a little disappointing

It can happen that you have a good sex, with no big problems, make fun, enjoy it and still feel a little disappointed in the end. It is normal. After all, the expectation created was huge over the previous years and, in fact, sex can be something less great than it seems. The pleasure and satisfaction that come from sex can be related more to the situation than to the specific actions of the act.Sometimes we pay too much attention only to the movements and end up missing the fun side of it.

It takes practice to understand

Just like getting a driver's license doesn't mean that a person knows how to drive, losing your virginity doesn't mean that a man already understands sex - and knows what he likes and what he doesn't like. You need to practice to perfect the movements, the perceptions, the techniques and the connection with your partners. Only then will you understand what you like and what you don't like about sex. Knowing this, you will be able totalk more about sex to be always more comfortable and willing to feel (and give) more pleasure.

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