9 Series for those who like Netflix Dark

One of the most talked-about and praised series of recent times, Netflix's Dark, came to an end in its third season. Exploring a science fiction setting, the production tells the story of four interconnected families who are involved in a mysterious time travel and even the apocalypse.

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I won't even go into too much detail because you need to watch it to the end to maybe try to understand the complex story with multiverses.

Despite its mind-blowing narrative, the German series created by Baran bo Odar and Jantje Friese started tentatively and soon became one of Netflix's biggest hits.

Without much fuss or hype, the idea of mixing a love story with elements of quantum physics, time travel, and paradoxes worked out well.

If you're feeling orphaned by Dark, we've assembled productions with the same footprint for you to venture into.

9 Series for those who liked Netflix's Dark

Stranger Things

Okay, you're probably already watching one of Netflix's most popular series, but you still can't stop talking about it.

Set in the 80's, the series that presents an alternate universe is very much related to the themes addressed in Dark. Here, children unite against an unknown enemy in the midst of a government conspiracy. It is already in its fourth season.


Glitch tells the story of six people who return from death (but not as zombies), without knowing how or why they are back.

Through a call, a policeman discovers that these six people were killed at different times, including his wife, and came out of the grave in perfect health and at the age when they lost their lives.

12 Monkeys

Inspired by the great '95 film of the same name, the series was created in 20115 and remains one of the great productions of the genre.

James Cole travels to the distant future in 2043, when a virus has wiped out 93.6% of the human population. The pathogen was created by an organization called "The Army of the Twelve Monkeys," with a dark history filled with twists and turns.

Cole's goal is to understand the pathways that led to the proliferation of the virus in order to avoid the dystopian future he has already witnessed.


Do you like a post-apocalyptic narrative? Well, this is the environment in which special agents are given a mission to prevent the collapse of humanity and the end of the world.

The consciousness of each Traveler, as they are known, is transferred to individuals from the past. The goal is to correct the timeline, and these follow the host's life throughout the mission.


HBO's big production has already premiered in 2016 with successor status to Game of Thrones. Already featuring Jonathan Nolan and J.J. Abrams directing, Westworld is a series based on a modest '73 film. In it, a theme park functions as a simulacrum of the American Old West.

The cool part is the narrative filled with androids as hosts of the park.

As the park allows human visitors to perform any kind of physical or sexual violence with the robots, the narrative discusses the futuristic ethical issue: do androids have rights or have they only served as objects for the use of human pleasure.

The OA - Series for those who liked Netflix's Dark

After disappearing for seven years, a young adopted girl, initially blind, returns with scars on her back, seeing and calling herself OA. But where has she been? How was her sight restored?

If you enjoyed the mysteries of Dark, you will probably be interested in this other suspenseful sci-fi series that is on Netflix. In fact, it received a lot of praise for its direction, visuals, and acting, but it was only in its second season.


A seemingly normal flight arrives at its destination about three hours after departure, experiencing some turbulence. However, upon disembarking, the passengers discover that they have been presumed dead and five years have passed since takeoff.

Thus, Manifest arrived on Globoplay last year and became a phenomenon. The series was launched on the platform in 2019 and its Lost-like footprint won over the audience.


When a mysterious plane crash on an international flight leaves all passengers and crew dead without explanation, FBI agent Olivia Dunham discovers a former scientist in a Psychiatric Clinic who may be connected to the case. Walter Bishop - the scientist, and his son, Peter, join the FBI team to assist in the investigation.

Soon, they discover that an enormous number of strange events are part of a pattern much larger than they imagine. Genetic mutation, reanimation, teleportation, parallel universes... And, without knowing it, they are right in the center of this series of events that could change everything we know.


The theft of a time machine is the first in a series of mysterious time crimes that lead a scientist, a soldier, and a history professor on a desperate quest through the past to stop the madman who wants to destroy America.

In this way, the three of them need to be careful with their actions, because you never know which move will generate irreversible consequences. Incidentally, for fans of Back to the Future, this is a good tip.

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