9 life lessons you can learn from Star Wars

I like to say that I watched the first Star Wars trilogy the best way it can be watched: in the cinema when I was 10 years old.

It was 1997 and the theaters received a re-release of the first three movies. It was incredible. I remember my childish joy at seeing the Death Star destroyed on the big screen, the surprise at finding out that Luke was Darth Vader's son, and the happiness when the rebels won the final battle against the Empire.

It's not just me who has such great affection for the franchise. Even with the passing of the years, Star Wars continues to be a film series that captivates fans all over the world.

With that in mind, I've separated 10 life lessons you can learn from Star Wars:

"Do it or don't do it, there is no such thing as trying."

One of Master Yoda's main pieces of advice to Luke Skywalker involves commitment. When you want something, you should simply run after it and try your hardest.

If your performance goes right, you will succeed. If it goes wrong, you won't. "Trying" is an excuse to do halfway. Trying is already starting defeated. Go out there and do your best.

Everyone has a weak point

The Death Star is the Empire's greatest weapon in the first film of the Star Wars saga, but even this immense fortress has its weak point: A thermal exhaust vent that connects to the ship's reactor.

With a clear shot, a small squad of rebels can bring down that powerful weapon. The same can be applied to life.

It doesn't matter the opponent, everyone has a weakness, it's up to you to find it and make the same clear shot as Luke Skywalker.

"Fear leads to anger; anger leads to hate; hate leads to suffering."

One bad feeling leads to another. The "Dark Side" is nothing more than that spiral of negativity in which we get stuck and there seems to be no way out.

Don't fall to the dark side of the force. Try to maintain a positive attitude and stop fearing the world around you. Create courage and face life head on.

Don't judge someone by appearances

In Star Wars, one of the greatest Jedi masters is a little green creature. His appearance makes his opponents underestimate him. A big mistake.

How many people in your life have you met that you didn't give a damn about until you saw them in action? Try to pay attention to others and avoid hasty judgments before you really get to know them.

Don't waste time thinking about the chances you do or don't have

"Never tell me the odds of something going right," is what Han Solo says before he takes his ship into yet another perilous situation in "The Empire Strikes Back."

If you keep worrying about how much chance you have of this or that working out, you will never do anything. Put the possibilities aside and work to get what you want.

Naughtiness is also important

Not a weapon, not the force, not a lightsaber. The great weapon of Han Solo - one of my favorite Star Wars characters - is his rascality.

The mercenary's cunning manages to help Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker out of situations where their innocence or honor could never help.

So it doesn't matter if you have money or power, you need to be fucking smart too!

Even the biggest of bullies can fall in love

At one point in "The Empire Strikes Back", Leia says to Han: "I love you," to which the bastard replies flatly: "I know.

Everyone has a heart, and even the biggest chicken in the universe can fall in love. It doesn't mean that he will completely change his personality, but that he has found someone to cling to.

Everyone deserves a second chance

If you stop to look, the whole Star Wars story is about the decline and redemption of Darth Vader. The villain, who was the tormentor of the Rebel Alliance in the early films, finds the path of good alongside his son in Return of the Jedi.

No matter how far someone has fallen into the dark side, there is always a chance to get back on the right path of life. We don't live a straight line, and everyone can have his or her detours.

A man is a victim of his own greed

The saddest lesson of all has to do not with the movie itself, but with its creator. If there has been a great Star Wars villain in recent years it has been George Lucas.

The director's greed made him leave aside what his fans liked and deliver the new trilogy - considered much inferior to the original by critics and public alike. No wonder. All the elements that made the first films good, were left aside.

In episodes I, II and III, instead of having a good war story, we have a script written with a limp by a director who was more concerned with special effects than with the movie itself. The actors themselves in an interview said that George didn't care how they acted or didn't act.

Besides, the guy hasn't stopped trying to make money in the most absurd ways possible with Star Wars, re-releasing version after version cut from his movie. The disrespect is so great that it spoils the original work.

No wonder many people celebrated when Disney bought the rights from George Lucas. Finally, the guy will be able to stop trying to destroy his own work.

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