7 dating reality shows for those who liked Sexy Beasts

Nowadays, besides finding insane true crime series and comedies on streaming platforms, you can also watch super bizarre reality shows. Take for example Sexy Beasts .

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Netflix's new reality show has made quite a splash on social networks and is really hot. Why? The reality is about people on a blind date - but with make-up and prosthetics designed to imitate anthropomorphized animals. Can you imagine being at the restaurant waiting for the cat and a half-human capybara walking in?

The goal of Sexy Beasts is to show that personality matters more than the physical, and that love can be found in any form - even dressed as a buffalo. Pretty crazy, right?

So if you have already watched Sexy Beasts and are looking for another reality dating show, we have an extensive list for you. Take a look:

Power Couple

"A Fazenda" is not the only successful reality show on Record. With four seasons, "Power Couple" presents 13 famous couples who are confined in a house and compete for a cash prize.

Since people love to know about celebrity gossip and competitions, "Power Couple" is one of the most successful reality dating shows today.

Within this competition, it is not only love that is enough. The couples work on coexistence, communication, and patience to survive and become the Power Couple.

Love on the Spectrum

While "Sexy Beasts" is a somewhat bizarre reality about romance, "Love on the Spectrum" is one that brings visibility and empathy to people with autism.

The Australian production tries to show how the symptoms of the condition affect daily life, demystifying prejudices and misinformation about the syndrome.

Just like "Sexy Beasts," you can watch this reality show on Netflix.

Are You the One? Brazil

If the love of your life was in a house with you and 18 other people, could you recognize him/her?

In this successful MTV reality show, 10 men and 10 women are confined in a paradise destination in order to find their ideal partner. To win the R$500,000 final prize, the young people participate in games and tests to try to find their other half. After 10 weeks, they must find out which are all the perfect couples.

In the midst of drinking, temptation, and fighting, finding the love of your life can be more difficult than it seems.

After four seasons, "Are You The One? Brazil" was canceled, but you can watch all the seasons that aired on Amazon Prime.

Playing with Fire

When it comes to reality shows, Netflix is not messing around. In "Playing with Fire," several young people enter a fake show, thinking they are going to vacation at the beach and get it on.

Their excitement turns to sadness when they discover that they are actually on a retreat where kissing, having sex, or masturbating is a punishment. During the entire vacation, the participants go through a spiritual and sexual journey, understanding more about themselves and about relationships.

The reality show was so successful that Brazil soon wanted to make its own version, and you can watch both the American and Brazilian versions on Netflix.

Blind Marriage

Would you marry a person without ever having seen them in person? If your answer is yes, then send in your application to participate in "Blind Marriage". In this reality show, which could even be considered a social experiment, men and women search for love and get engaged before meeting face to face.

For 10 days, thirty participants talk to each other, but inside "booths". After this getting-to-know-you phase, the men decide which of the women they want to marry.

After the marriage proposal, the couple finally sees each other in person and goes to Mexico. During the trip, the couple gets to know each other better, and also meets the other participating couples. After a romantic pre-honeymoon, the big day arrives: the couples get married in ceremonies with friends and family.

This reality show, like Sexy Beasts, explores the idea that personality comes first rather than looks when it comes to dating.

On Holiday with Ex Brazil

Enjoying a vacation in a luxurious house on the Brazilian coast seems like the perfect dream. But the dream turns into a nightmare when the participants' ex-girlfriends start showing up on the beach to join the trip.

Besides many parties, love triangles and fights, in this reality, the participants learn to deal with the ghosts of the past and unresolved conflicts. Would you participate in this program or would you rather just watch?


Do you have a secret so dark that it could end your courtship? In Netflix's "REA(L)OVE," a group of men and women, all with sinister secrets, search for love in this different reality show.

During the episodes, the participants get to know each other and become romantically involved, but their secrets could be revealed at any moment. Are the participants hiding something so dark that it could affect their relationship? You will only find out by watching this very crazy reality!

So, what's the next reality show you'll be marathoning after Sexy Beats?

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