5 TV shows to help you understand more about cars

To like a car is much more than taking your square Goal to the car wash every Saturday morning. You have to understand the difference between models, the evolution of brands, and how the hell an engine works.

Thinking about this, I have separated 5 TV shows that only talk about cars and that will help you understand a little more about the world of automobiles. Check it out:

Fifth Gear

In this English program, the quartet formed by Tiff Needell Vicki Butler-Henderson, Jason Plato and Jonny Smith, test the most different cars in the world (new and old) trying always to push the machines to their speed limit.

I advise anyone who is starting to watch it to start with the seasons when the show moved to the Discovery Channel, got a little more money and started covering a lot of different topics like racing around the world and new market launches. When you're done with all that, it's worth revisiting the episodes when the show was still on Channel 5 where they had a little less money and were a littlemore roots.

Inside West Coast Customs

West Coast Customs became famous for appearing a lot on the MTV show "Pimp my Ride", so much so that the garage got its own show where we see the most different cars being tuned.

The show also features some celebrities such as Shaquille O'Neal, Mark Wahlberg, Will.i.am and even Justin Bieber. A good option for tuning fans of "Fast and Furious" and "Need for Speed Underground".

Car nuts

The program shows the routine of the employees of Car Customs, Danny Koker's workshop, who hunt down and restore classic cars like the Thunderbird, Camaro and some Hot Rods.

The part I like the most is that not all cars always look like their factory version, some even gaining a more modern look. A good choice for those who enjoy modified old cars.

The Classic Car Kings

This program shows the life of the duo Ron McClure and Jason at the helm of Desert Valley Auto Parts, a shelter with about 10,000 vehicles in the middle of the Arizona desert.

Unlike "Mad about Cars", this program shows the difficulties of restoring old cars to be as close to their original as possible. The most fun part is the auction at the end, where they sell the cars and you get to know the total cost of each restoration and whether they made a profit or loss in the transition.

Top Gear (UK)

Three car experts drive around Europe (and some other places in the world) driving the most different vehicles on tracks, in races, or in other crazy things they decide to do.

I recommend you just stick to the British one, which is much funnier and with much cooler cars than the American one. This is also a good show to try to watch with your girlfriend on the side as it is much more for fun than to focus specifically on cars.

Do you know of a car program that was left off this list? Leave your suggestion in our comments.

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