5 Tips for regaining muscle mass

You must have heard that there is no point in losing weight and, along with the eliminated kilograms, losing lean mass, right? This makes perfect sense, since a healthy body is synonymous with less fat and more lean mass.

Inadequate diet, periods without training and hormonal imbalances can decrease the amount of lean mass in the body. The good news is that by adopting the right measures, this mass can be recovered. More than that! It can increase in a short period of time. Do you want to know how to recover the lost lean mass? Then continue reading our article and find out!

1# Adopt a Rich and Balanced Diet

For those who want to get their lean mass back, it is extremely important to have an adequate intake of calories, in addition to a diet rich in protein, good fats and good carbohydrates. In this case, great options are protein bars, egg white omelets, chicken, tuna, oatmeal, citrus fruits, sweet potatoes, olive oil, bananas and whole wheat pasta. These foods are richin vitamins, enzymes, and essential amino acids for muscle rebuilding.

2# Practice Physical Exercises Regularly

To define the body, reduce the percentage of fat and gain lean mass, it is essential that the person does the appropriate exercises for his/her biotype and physical conditions. Bodybuilding activities are always the most indicated for this purpose and the ideal is that muscle work is not done after aerobic exercises, but before them. It is worth pointing out that the type, duration, andTraining intensity and frequency can determine lean mass gain.

3# Use Supplementation

Supplements such as Whey Protein can be used to achieve different goals, including regaining lost mass. This type of supplement should not be taken in an abusive and random manner. On the contrary, it demands proper nutritional guidance in order to make consumption safer and more effective.

4# Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

A well-hydrated body works much better and performs better during workouts. Hydration helps eliminate bloating, reduces fluid retention, balances the body, and improves performance during weight training.

5# Respect the Muscles' Resting Time

As much as physical activities should be done regularly, the same muscle group should not be worked for two consecutive days. This can cause muscle micro-injuries and hinder the results. It is important to respect the resting time and alternate the exercises. For example, if you work on your legs one day, work on your arms the next.

Other Methods To Improve Lean Mass Gain

  • Go to the gym at least three times a week;
  • Try to have a good quality of sleep, because this is crucial for muscle recovery;
  • Until you achieve your goal of lean mass recovery, ease up on the aerobic exercises;
  • When you reach your goal, don't stop exercising;
  • Although these tips are scientifically based, they are no substitute for professional guidance, so there is nothing better than to talk to your fitness coach to outline strategies to regain lost lean mass.

Do you know any other tips to recover and gain lean mass? Tell us about them in the comments!

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