5 Simple Tips to Combine a Social Shirt with Jeans

Every now and then it happens that you have a situation that is too casual to go in full social attire, but formal enough that you have to be "serious".

For this type of event there is no better combination than wearing a good shirt with jeans.

I've separated some specific tips so that you will never make a mistake again when combining a social shirt with jeans:

Shirt in or out of pants?

It depends on several factors: the situation, your biotype and your comfort. Some people look good and feel comfortable with the shirt inside the pants, even in a club. Other guys, on the other hand, almost always prefer to keep it outside.

There is no clear rule and ideally you should be comfortable wearing a shirt in the right size for your body. What does this mean?

If you wear it outside, the ideal is that it covers your belt and never goes beyond the top of your pants. If you wear it inside, it shouldn't be too wide to the point of being too much on the sides, nor too short so that every time you lift your arms you have to put it back inside.

Oh, and if you are going to wear a blazer or suit over it, tuck the shirt into the pants.

Go for the belt

Okay, you've decided to wear your shirt under your pants for a more formal look, but does the belt you're wearing fit you well?

Try always to use a belt of the right size for the drawstring of your pants, not too small, not too big so as to look like a country singer's belt. Be very careful with the color and material too, nothing that draws attention in a negative way.

A tip for those who are overweight is to never overtighten the belt to the point of creating a split in your body. It will only mark your silhouette even more and leave you looking like a tied mattress or a sausage knot.

Color Combination

The ideal is to wear a shirt and pants that have contrasting colors, for example, blue jeans and a black shirt, dark jeans and a white shirt, etc.

I have separated below some good color combinations for you to be inspired by:

Shoes set the tone too

The footwear can also serve to set the tone for the combination. A social shoe gives a more formal look; a more casual sneaker, such as a New Balance or Adidas Original, gives something more casual; and a boot, looks good in the middle of a suit. Choose what you like best.

What are the best occasions to wear a social shirt and jeans?

I believe that the best occasions for this combination are informal meetings or work routines, a date with a girl, and even a night out where the dress code is sportswear.

I would avoid wearing both to go to weddings or graduations, unless it was specified in the invitation.

Two videos to help you when buying pants and shirt

To conclude, we have recently launched two videos on our Youtube channel that can help you a lot. The first one is about basic care when buying a social shirt.

The other is about some things you should keep in mind when buying a pair of jeans: From the bar, to the fit on your body.

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