5 Perfect Sex Toys for an unforgettable sex (+18)

The technology is there to make our life easier and also our orgasm, so why not invest in Sex Toy s, that is, toys capable of enhancing pleasure and also make you discover new sensations in bed?

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We have selected some perfect sex toys for unforgettable sex that you will want to keep in your drawer and use with girls, and if you are already dating, you will enjoy surprising your partner with them from time to time - or always.

Check out this selection of Sex Toys !

Penile ring with bullet

Look at this crazy thing: you put this stretchable silicone ring at the base of the penis and it will help you to hold the erection and ejaculation, besides that, this part with the bullet should be turned upwards to stimulate, with the small vibrator, your partner's clitoris.

The product is even waterproof and you can play in the bathtub or shower.


Fifty Shades of Grey Kit

The movie is pretty bad, the book sucks, but, unfortunately, we have Christian Grey to thank for popularizing SM This kit contains the basic items for a lighter play, perfect for beginners: it has whip, handcuff, blindfold, Thai balls, and body gel.


Anal Plug

If she wants to have anal sex but is not yet ready, you can use this accessory to prepare her muscles for arousal, and even if she is used to it, the plug is an excellent toy for intensifying her orgasm while you penetrate her from the front - especially if youopt for a product with a vibrator.


Tenga Egg

The Orientals usually have some pretty crazy ideas involving technology and sex. Tenga Egg, created by them, is a product that guarantees an intense orgasm for men. peeled The egg receives lubricant inside and is inserted into the penis, like a cap.

Since it is elastic, the egg can be stretched to the base of the penis, and from there masturbation is done with the hands on it.

Besides the possibility of the girl masturbating with this toy, you can still penetrate her with it.


Penile Cap

There are penis caps of the most varied shapes and styles, but they all have the same objective: to increase the pleasure sensation. They work like a condom - but they don't have the same safety for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, ok? They only work like a condom because of the way you put it on the penis - and they have little balls and stimulus points all over them.

They also increase the size and thickness of the penis and can directly stimulate the G-spot! The best material is cyberskin, which most closely resembles the texture of human skin.


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