5 Men's Clothing Styles for Inspiration

Can you tell what your style is? Labeling this kind of thing is always complicated, and we believe that style is free. If something looks good on you (not being sneakers But there are styles of men's clothing that reflect the personalities of the people who wear them. Do you know what yours is?

  • How to dress according to your style
  • Beard Timeline: Styling Through the Ages

Look, we're not talking about being indie, hipster, geek and dressing like one. These are styles guided by trends that come and go, by fashionable clothes. In the more universal and timeless styles, what rules the way of dressing is what comes from inside: the person's personality, his/her tastes and behaviors (and maybe physical characteristics).

You can, for example, have something classic and a touch of sport in your life, as well as being a bit of a rebel and not giving up comfortable casual.

See which one or two of these styles you fit into.

Rebel / rocker

Think of something ranging from James Dean to Bruce Springsteen. These are usually people who like rock music and idolize the jeans The man in this style may have gained a belly and lost his long hair over time, but he still looks great, confident, and comfortable with the boot, jeans, and T-shirt combo.

How to use The t-shirts are plain - yes, man, band t-shirts look weird even on a rocker look - and you can go for the baggier or tighter ones, no problem. If you're a jeans fan, right?If it's cold, you can add the finishing touch with a denim or leather jacket.

Key parts : boots, jeans, and jeans or leather jacket.

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Sports / streetwear

There are many people who can fit in here. There are those who only prefer comfort. There are athletes. There are those who fell in love with streetwear at some point and will never live any other way. Whatever the case, this is a person who feels comfortable in tennis anywhere, that does not give up windbreaker jacket or other practical pieces for everyday life.

How to use A streetwear piece in your look, such as a jacket, can already make the difference. You can also combine sweatshirts and sport shoes in the middle of other looks, or go totally sporty, wearing ensembles. Anything goes, as long as you are comfortable.

Key parts : sneakers, sweatshirt, sports ensemble.

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Classic / elegant

It is not someone who dresses only in a suit and casual wear - They are usually serious guys, who like to be always impeccable and invest in the best cuts, trims, and fabrics. They are men who understand a lot about fashion and follow closely what's new, but they know that trends are transient. His business is to be updated within what he likes, period.

How to use It goes well with a simple plain t-shirt, for example, or with different types of shirts, including wider cuts. In the cold, a knit and a blazer will keep you warm and stylish.

Key parts : plain social or straight pants, shirt, knitting.

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It may seem difficult to explain the style of a basic person. But we are not talking here about the guy who only gets boring jeans and plain t-shirts for his birthday and wears the closest ones in his closet with some sneakers. Being really basic is an art. It is knowing how to dress for those who pay attention to details. Think about a guy who only wears black clothing Or the one who wears khaki pants with white sneakers and t-shirt and a watch. You can do both without ever making a mistake on a shirt cut or a pants length. That is the idea.

How to use The idea is not to be all monochrome and wear black and white, but to think that less is more. Chino pants make a good pair with plain t-shirts, in any combination you try. If you are not already, white sneakers (low and with straight soles) will become your best friend.

Key parts : white sneakers, chino pants, plain t-shirt.

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Casual / Slipper

His business is also about comfort, but not related to sports or practicality. slipper Of course, it is always the first option.

How to use So you will go out in flip flops, but with shorts in an ok length (from the knee up, please). The shirt can be tight, tank top, baggy, or even an open shirt with a print. Anything goes. But try the following: if you have a print on one of the pieces, the other one can be plain.

Key parts : flip-flops, shorts, printed shirt.

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