5 Alternatives to running that are simpler and more effective for your body

You know you need to live a healthy life. And, of course, running tends to be the most common physical activity that people recommend to you. What you may not know is that there are a variety of physical exercises that are alternatives to running that you can do in your own home or even your backyard that serve as alternatives to running and are just as effective at toningyour body like running (or even more).

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Check below some of the physical activities that affect various parts of the body, so that you have no excuse to quit being sedentary.

5 Alternatives to running that are simpler and more effective for your body

1. burpees

In martial arts it is also known as Sprawl. It is an exercise that works the whole body, providing muscular strengthening and physical resistance.

Basically, you squat down by throwing your legs back and resting your hands on the floor, then come back with your legs bent and jump up and raise your hands.

In this way, as you start with a low rhythm, over time you should increase the speed of your movements.

So, try to do them as fast as you can for maximum effect. Start with a few reps (between 10 and 15) in two sets, then increase to (between 15 and 20) in three sets.

Tuck Jumps

Another alternative to running is simpler, and one that you have probably already done in your life in physical education classes.

In fact, it's basically jumping vertically, put your arms in a straight line in front of you, and throw your knees up as you jump, trying to touch them to your hands.

So the closer you go, the stronger your upper body will become. Vertical jumps help burn calories and improve your endurance, and you don't need a lot of space to do them properly (but you do need a good pair of shoes with cushioning). Start with 3 sessions of 10 repetitions.

3. jump rope

We have already pointed out the benefits of skipping rope here. In short, the activity helps the cardiovascular system, increases endurance, and provides intense calorie burn.

In 30 minutes of activity, you can lose up to 330 calories (versus 270 from running). In 15 minutes of rope, you have the equivalent caloric expenditure of 1 hour of walking.

This way, while skipping rope, you can add variations and intensities. We even made a special video giving tips for the activity, check it out above!

4. race Stopped

In fact, this exercise is a simulation of running, only stopped. It is one of the most effective movements for improving your running style, as well as your speed, flexibility, and balance.

When lifting your knees, you should maintain the same pace and execution, or if possible increase your speed. Try to do increasing sprints with high knees during your run. Start with 1 minute and 1 minute intervals, in 3 sets.

5. mountain climbers

The last on the list of the simplest alternatives to running that you may have already done in gym class and which, without realizing it, provides very good effects for your body. Doing this exercise strengthens the arms, core, and leg muscles during the activity.

So, starting from the push-up position at the top, bring one knee forward, and then bring it back while bringing the other one back, alternating, quickly. The faster you do it, the better.

A variation that is also quite demanding is to bring the leg forward, supporting the foot close to the shoulder, and then reverse the movement, bringing the foot that was behind close to the shoulder, while throwing the other foot back.

Also, you don't need a big space in which to do it, and you can start with 50 repetitions, even while watching TV.

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