3 ways to avoid sweat stains under the arm

Sweating is a perfectly normal natural cooling system of your body when it is hot, when you are exercising, and even when you are anxious or stressed.

But if you suffer from excessive sweating, you know that there is nothing more unpleasant than getting that "pizzazz" under your armpits when you put on a shirt.

To help you combat or disguise pizazz on your shirt, with the help of the Insider Store brand, we've put together some tricks on how to combat sweat stains:

Meet the Anti Sweat T-Shirt

Preventing perspiration

Longer acting deodorants do not stop perspiration, but prevent strong odor.

If the idea is to block out sweat, antiperspirants are the best option. They are based on aluminum, in the form of aluminum salts. These deodorants mix with sweat to create a layer that clogs the sweat gland ducts and causes them to contract. The more pores are closed, the less you sweat.

Like other modern pharmaceutical cosmetics such as sunscreen and toothpaste, too much antiperspirant does more harm than good. In addition, some people are allergic to aluminum and its application can result in itching, redness, and inflammation of the skin.

If you use this product, always wash your armpits before going to sleep, to let the skin breathe at night during sleep.

Ensuring frequent hygiene

The famous basic hygiene mitigates the effects of sweating.

Also, clean up whenever possible. One tip is, whenever you get to work, go to the bathroom, take off your shirt, and dry off under your arms.

To finish, reapply the deodorant.

Another good tip is to use antibacterial soaps. Unlike ordinary soaps, which only remove bacteria from the skin, antibacterial soaps have the power to kill the bacteria that cause bad odor.

Finally, trim your underarm hair! They increase the accumulation of sweat and bad odor on the skin.

Wearing an undershirt

Meet the Sweat- and Odor-Proof Undershirt

The Insider Store has created the Undershirt, which absorbs sweat and eliminates odors.

Made to wear under the shirt, it works like a second skin (but without getting hot), absorbing 4 times more sweat than the cotton shirt, blocking the passage of sweat to the top shirt and preventing pitting.

It is made of 100% natural, bamboo-fiber fabric and has thermodynamic properties - it cools in the heat and warms in the cold.

In addition, it is 75% more efficient than cotton t-shirts at preventing bacteria proliferation, thus avoiding bad smells. Not to mention that the product increases the life span of your shirts, because it prevents deodorant and sweat stains from reaching the top shirt.

The Undershirt is made with a V-neck in nude to be completely invisible under the shirt, but there are also models in white (U- and V-neck) and black (in V-neck).

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