15 Tricks and tricks to make perfume last longer

How to make perfume last longer?

A good perfume is not a cheap investment. If you want to get the most out of your fragrance, you need to pay attention to these tricks we have gathered to make your perfume last longer.

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Where to spend it, how to use every last drop, the right place to store it, and other tips.

How to make perfume last longer

Apply at strategic points

The big tip for saving perfume is to apply it at points where the pulse can be felt (warmer places, due to the blood, and which activate the perfume better).

There are five points: behind the ear, at the base of the neck, on the inside of the wrists and elbows, and behind the knees.

Never Scrub

In fact, the common mistake is to apply the perfume and then rub the scented area. Although the fragrance appears more quickly, it dissipates just as quickly.

Longer or shorter duration of a perfume

The olfactory families also influence how long a perfume lasts. Oriental notes, vanilla, amber, and wood, for example, are more durable. Meanwhile, citrus aromas evaporate more quickly and last less on the body.

Conserve correctly

Heat, excessive light, and humidity can destroy perfume components and decrease the power and intensity of fragrance. Therefore, keep in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing in the bathroom.

Alternate the use of perfume

Wearing a certain perfume for too long can cause you to no longer smell it, so you may end up overdoing it and using up more perfume than you really need. The best way to avoid this effect is to alternate perfumes.

Three is too good

Following the item above, our tip is that with three perfumes you can have a good variation of use and occasions: one basic, for the day-to-day; another more striking for going out at night and special events; and finally a more hybrid or seasonal one, to interchange between occasions or seasonal changes.

Use with a moisturizer

Swiping an unscented moisturizer on your skin before applying perfume also works to hold perfume longer. Oily products hold fragrances better. If you have dry skin, you can use this trick to stay scented longer.

Spend immediately after bathing

Apply the perfume as soon as you get out of the shower and before you put on your clothes. The moisture on your skin holds the scent longer. Also, this will prevent your clothes from smelling the perfume or being stained by the oil in the product.

How to spend better

For a softer scent, spray the perfume into the air and "drip" the droplets as they fall. This way the fragrance will be evenly distributed throughout your body and not be concentrated.

Understand perfume terms

Knowing the terms used in the description of fragrances helps you to make a better choice when buying a perfume. The lower the concentration of oil in the fragrance, the milder and less long lasting the perfume.

Thus, top notes are the ones we feel right after we sneeze the product and which disappear most quickly; middle notes, or body, are the scents that develop after the top notes evaporate; finally, bottom notes, or base, are the ones that linger longest on the skin.

Enjoying Every Last Drop

When the perfume is very last, and you have trouble wearing it, open the bottle and pour the last drops into an unscented moisturizing lotion. This will make it last longer.

How to test a perfume

If you are going to test a perfume on your skin, wait a few minutes until it dries. Only then will you be able to smell its true aroma.

Testing fragrances

When testing perfumes, if you splash something on your skin that you don't like, rub a damp tissue on the spot to remove the fragrance. A good idea is to test the perfume on cards or strips of paper to smell it before you take it to your skin.

Perfume Blend

Did you know that you can create a scent by mixing fragrances, so spray your perfumes on strips of paper cards and inhale some at the same time, testing combinations.

Once you find one you like, test it on your skin by first splashing the strongest perfume and then the mildest.

How to make perfume last longer: Essence concentration

Perfumes are basically composed of water, alcohol, and the perfume itself, so what differentiates a bath water from a deocologne is the dosage of the essences.

In fact, this dosage is largely responsible for the perfume's duration on your body as well as its intensity.

Cologne (Eau de cologne)

Perfume dosage: about 2%.

Running time: less than 3 hours

Bath Water (splash or freshness)

Perfume dosage: from 5% to 8%.

Running time: 4 to 5 hours

Deo-cologne (eau de toilette)

Perfume dosage: from 10% to 15%.

Running time: 6 hours

Eau de Parfum

Perfume dosage: from 15% to 18%.

Running time: 8 hours

Perfume (parfum)

Perfume dosage: 18% to 20%.

Running time: 12 hours

Elixir (Extract)

Running time: more than 12 hours

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