13 Reasons to love a Paulistana

Forgive me Criolo, but if it depends on the women from São Paulo, there is, and a lot of it, love in SP. As Gregório Duvivier said in his column for the Folha de S. Paulo, it seems that there is a pact in São Paulo that prevents people from speaking well of the city and, consequently, of its girls. I intend to break this prejudice in the text that follows below.

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Edson has already come here to explain why he is so fascinated by the Cidade Maravilhosa and the Cariocas I agree with him in gender, number and degree in the use of adjectives, but I am here to expose the reasons why you may end up loving a Paulista.

I affirm, beforehand, that it is not a passion, something that happens quickly and intensely, ending fleetingly and overwhelmingly. For this, the Carioca girls are specialists. With a girl from São Paulo the thing needs time and a build-up. The involvements are more convoluted, slower, but tend to be more lasting (except when it happens during the vacations in the Sierra or during Carnival).

You may not find all the qualities below in just one Paulista, but you will certainly find a lot of them. To the tune of Caetano Veloso, who observed the discreet inelegance of our girls as soon as he set foot here, check out the reasons why.

It's not samba, it's rock

If you are looking for the sway of a samba dancer, you will hardly find many here. The girls from São Paulo are rock, electronic, and sertanejo, musical styles that translate very well the fast pace in which they live in their daily lives.

The Paulista woman is more of a woman

Photo: Rafael Kent

The São Paulo native has already suffered disillusionment from Cariocas, Mineiros, and Gaúchos, and grew up learning to deal with the contempt of the Paulistas themselves (who, in turn, prefer to invest in Cariocas, Mineiros, and Gaúchas). With so many setbacks in life, the little girl who lived with you matured quickly, giving way to a woman with a capital M.

There is no woman who dresses better than the Paulistas in Brazil

São Paulo is one of the only cities in Brazil where you practically have to leave home with several styles of clothes composing your outfit to go undressing during the day (according to the temperature changes).

In this aspect, the Paulista comes out ahead, with a strategy to envy anyone. If she still has any problems, there is always a mall nearby where she can go for emergency occasions.

Doesn't make a point of drawing attention

Have you ever paid attention to the passing of a Paulista? Probably not. Because, unlike the carioca (with their swing) and the gaúchas (with their fame and beauty of misses), our Paulistas take discretion to the letter. Still, they manage to attract attention.

Doesn't make such a big deal about being hot

Photo: Grafiteira Minhau

It seems that the scenery of Rio de Janeiro was designed based on the body (and curves) of a Carioca woman. Just take a walk along the shore and you'll see them with all hardness, silicon, marked muscles and flat belly. It is almost an obligation to be hot in Rio de Janeiro!

São Paulo has no beaches, the cold is constant, and it is not necessary to be so exposed. The result is that women are less concerned with working out, although always on a regime, (but this is intrinsic to women).

The Paulista way

In the best style of the city that never stops, the São Paulo women are fast, always running against time and always late.

It is independent

São Paulo was born for work, and women have incorporated this spirit like no other. The result is that women are almost always in the corporate world, with no time to be housewives or anything else. Independence is one of their strong marks, and they have no problem reaching out to a guy who is in the mood at the club, and in some cases, the division of the bill is something that is not negotiable.

Is a perfectionist

With bosses and fierce competition (both emotionally and professionally), the Paulista has one foot in perfectionism. If she needs to do something, let it be the best. This goes from a new project at work to total dedication in a special weekend with her partner.

It is more intense

You need a lot of effort and merit to enter the busy heart of a Paulista. Now, installed there, you can expect an almost Herculean dedication from the girl, a liking so strong that she is capable of reserving the busy Friday and Saturday (full of parties, meetings with friends and parties) to stay at home, in a popcorn session with an action movie, just for your sake.

The risk of loss is higher

In the same way that the delivery is intense, the risk of loss and competition is great. All it takes is one wobble, and 'You lose, preiboi! Here, the ballad is next door.

It is a great cultural company

Gastronomic options, theaters, cinemas (from blockbusters to cults and alternatives), whatever you want, whenever you want, São Paulo can give you. She has experienced all of this since childhood and knows, like no one else, how to accompany you from a brew in Vila Madalena, through pasta in Bexiga, to a Monbojó concert at Sesc Pompéia.

You know, like no one else, how to express the Paulistani language!

Meeo, you don't understand! With this girl, you can go to the bakery and ask for a drink, go to Ibira and take a cookie in your backpack and, if you don't get drunk, end the night having a beer.

You will value, much more, that bikini line

Can you imagine dating a girl from Rio de Janeiro? That bikini line is something routine, that doesn't make any difference, since it has always been there. Completely the opposite of a girl from São Paulo. Without a beach and with our crazy weather, her bikini line is an achievement, almost a prize acquired with a lot of sweat and planning.

I bet that both she and you will enjoy and appreciate this spot tan much more.

PS: This text had, as a strong inspiration, my partner Milena Kosokabe, who made me love even more the little ways and peculiarities that only a Paulista has.

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