13 Perfect Movies to Watch for Two - Comedy, action and animation to watch together

Are you on the hunt for movies to watch for two?

A late afternoon, sofa, popcorn and the best possible company. There are clichés that are more than welcome, and this is one of them, whether to celebrate a milestone date or any afternoon.

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The coolest part about someone worthwhile on the side is that you don't need to spend on expensive dinners, elaborate outings to be happy. All it takes is the company, something to snack on, and a good attraction to entertain them.

That is why we have made a selection of movies that are perfect for two people to watch. We may not know your taste, but surely some of these productions below will fit well with your taste.

We just point out that the list is not in order of rating, preference, or whether it's on any specific streamings, so hunt around to find out where to find these movies!

Perfect Movies to Watch for Two

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

A free adaptation of William Shakespeare's classic play, The Taming of the Shrew! The film tells the story of two sisters, Katharina and Bianca Stratford (Stiles and Oleynik). The older Katharina wants to concentrate on her studies to get a place at a prestigious university, while the younger Bianca is all about finding a boyfriend.

Thus, as a condition for allowing his youngest to have a romance, their father imposes a rule: 'Bianca can only have a boyfriend when Katharina - known for her hostile attitude to suitors - dates as well.

In love with Bianca, Cameron (Gordon-Levitt) turns to Patrick Verona (Ledger), a bad boy newcomer to the school, asking him to win over the tough Katharina.

Simply Love (2003) - Movies for Two

Nine intertwining stories show the complexities of the emotion that connects us all: love.

The new Prime Minister of England falls in love with one of his employees, Natalie. In an attempt to heal his heart, a writer leaves for the south of France and there falls in love. Karen suspects that Harry, her husband, is cheating on her.

Juliet, recently married, is suspicious of the looks and intentions of Mark, her husband's best friend. Sam aims to get the attention of the most difficult girl in school. Sarah finally has the big chance to go out with Karl, for whom she maintains a silent passion. Billy Mack seeks to resume his career as a rock star.

The lives of all these characters intertwine and are changed by the presence of love in their lives.

How to lose a man in 10 days (2003)

A classic romantic comedy, Ben Barry is a macho advertising executive who makes a big bet with his boss: if he gets a woman to fall in love with him in 10 days, he will be in charge of a busy diamond campaign that belongs to the company.

Ben's chosen victim is Andie Anderson, a feminist journalist who is developing a story on how to lose a man in 10 days and is determined to make life hell for any man who approaches her. They both meet in a bar and choose each other as the target of their plans.

As If It Were the First Time (2004)

Henry Roth is a flirtatious veterinarian who lives in Hawaii and is famous for the large number of tourists he conquers. His new target is Lucy Whitmore, who lives there and with whom Henry falls madly in love.

But there is one problem: Lucy suffers from a lack of short-term memory, which causes her to quickly forget events that have just happened, and Henry is forced to win her over, day after day, to be by his side.

As If It Were the First Time, which has filled many an afternoon session, is worth it for the great acting of the romantic duo.

Mr. And Mrs. Smith (2005) - Movies for Two

A romantic nomination for those who enjoy action movies! John (Brad Pitt) and Jane Smith (Angelina Jolie) work as assassins for hire. They are also married, but one doesn't know about the other's work and are currently living a bored life.

The situation between them changes course when they each receive a new assignment from their respective agency, which causes them to meet to carry out the same mission.

PS. I Love You (2007)

A film about love and loss. P.S. I Love You is one of the most poetic and delicate romantic films of the last decades, inspired by the book of the same name by Irish writer Cecelia Ahern.

Holly Kennedy is married to Gerry, a funny Irishman with whom she is completely in love, but he suddenly dies and Holly's life is also over.

Slightly Pregnant (2007) - Movies for Two

Alison Scott is a beautiful and ambitious young woman who is about to make her debut as a reporter for a major TV station. Ben Stone and his four friends share the rent of a messy house, all insisting on staying in their teens even though they are in their early 20s.

Alison and Ben meet in a nightclub and, completely drunk, spend the night together. The bond between them would end there, but a few weeks later Alison calls Ben to inform him that she is expecting his child. The news makes Ben start to question his own life, and brings two people closer who would rather never have met.

Thus, this is one of famous director Judd Apatow's best films, with Seth Rogen's performance as protagonist Ben Stone standing out.

Up - High Adventures (2009)

Carl Fredricksen is a balloon salesman who, at 78, is about to lose the house where he has always lived with his wife, Ellie. The land where the house is located is of interest to a businessman, who wants to build a building on the site.

After an incident in which he hits a man with his cane, Carl is considered a public menace and is forced to be committed to an asylum. To prevent this from happening, he fills thousands of balloons in his house, causing it to take off.

Carl's goal is to travel to a forest in South America, a place where he and Ellie have always wanted to live.

In this way, the film shows the difficulty of relearning to be alone after a lifetime divided with someone.

(500) Days with Her (2009)

Tom Hansen is in a meeting with his boss, Vance, when he introduces his new assistant, Summer Finn. Tom is immediately impressed by her beauty, and over the next two weeks tries to make some kind of contact.

His big chance comes when his best friend invites him to go to a karaoke club where his co-workers usually go. There Tom meets Summer. They also sing and talk about love, and a relationship begins.

Incidentally, in 2009, director Marc Webb commented on the initial "homage" that appears in the production, "This movie is about that time in life when you expect certain things that don't always come.

Colorful Friendship (2011) - Movies to Watch for Two

The question remains: is it worth it to make friends? Jamie (Mila Kunis) is a young recruiter from New York who convinces a potential client (Justin Timberlake) to leave his job in Los Angeles behind and take a job in the Big Apple. He accepts the offer and soon the two become good friends. One day, after watching a movie at her house, they talk about how sexual neediness is a major problem.both of them.

In the end, they make a pact that they will have sex only, without any emotional involvement, only that, little by little, intimacy makes them become closer and closer and more interested in each other.

What to Expect When You're Expecting (2012)

Holly is a photographer married to Alex, and she really wants to adopt a child. He agrees with the idea, but the proximity of receiving the baby makes him doubt if he is ready for the task of being a father. Wendy has always dreamed of the glow of pregnancy, and after two years of trying, she is finally pregnant. However, she andhusband Gary must deal with the rivalry of his father, Ramsey, who is expecting twins with young Skyler.

Jules hosts a reality show where contestants need to lose weight and has just won the Celebrity Dance with her partner Evan. They have been having an affair for a few months and, without expecting it, she gets pregnant. Then there is Rosie, a young sandwich vendor who has sex with Marco, who works as a vendor in another trailer. She gets pregnant, and the two become closer.more and more.

The Good Side of Life (2012)

Pat Solitano Jr. (Bradley Cooper) has lost almost everything in his life: his home, his job, and his marriage. After spending some time in a sanatorium, he is released from there and moves back in with his parents.

Determined to rebuild his life, he believes it is possible to overcome all the problems of the recent past and even win back his ex-wife. Although his temperament still calls for caution, a couple friend invites him to dinner, and that evening he meets Tiffany (Jennifer Lawrence), a woman who is also troubled, and who could bring about significant changes in his plans.futures.

My Past Condemns Me (2013)

A Brazilian blockbuster on the list: When Fábio and Miá meet, it is love at first sight. They get married one month after meeting each other and decide to travel to Europe on a cruise for their honeymoon.

Only during the trip, they meet their former boyfriends, Beto and Laura, who are now together and also spending their honeymoon.

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