12 Home Gym Equipment - gadgets to do your home workout

What do you need to buy for home gym equipment?

You don't need to leave your home to exercise. With some simple equipment you can put together a good home workout working all muscle groups.

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Besides, let's not even talk about the fact that it is a one-time investment and you can benefit from the devices forever.

Just check out the professionals who offer online training plans and series (or even follow some youtube channel) and you can get out of your sedentary lifestyle from the comfort of your home.

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Therefore, to help you in this task, we have gathered a series of equipment to build a home gym. Check it out!

12 Home Gym Equipment

Abdominal Ball

Also known as Swiss Ball, the device is used to perform exercises that cause instability, activating more deeply the core region.



It makes it possible to perform myofacial release work (pressing the region with 'lumps' of muscle tension and pain to dissolve them).

With this, you gain flexibility and prevent injuries. It is highly recommended after aerobic exercises, to help regenerate the muscles.


Free weights (Dumbbells)

One of the classic pieces of gym equipment you can have at home.

With the dumbbells you can perform both free exercises for the upper limbs (arm lifts, flexion and extension of the arms, biceps and triceps) and lower limbs (hip and leg exercises).


Agility ladder

Do you need to do aerobic exercise in a short space? Then go for functional training on the stairs.

It serves to improve coordination, speed, and agility, and helps with balance.

Just stretch the attachment out on the floor and keep passing it over each square at moderate speed.


Door Bar

For those who need to perform exercises that work the arms, back, shoulders, and abdomen, those performed with the door bar are a great option.

Besides the advantage of moving various parts of the body, helping to gain strength and muscle endurance, this is an activity that can be performed even in the home.


Flexion Support

It may seem superfluous, but the Bending Support has its relevance since it offers even more safety and comfort when performing the activity.

In addition, it helps in the symmetrical development of the upper body, preservation of joint mobility, and improvement in wrist strength.

In addition, it develops the stabilizing muscles of the back, abdominals, and even the pelvic region.


Slam Ball

Commonly used in crossfit classes, the slam ball is a good piece of equipment for training in ground-level houses.

This is because the device can be used in exercises that work strength, endurance, and coordination.


Abs Wheel

A Abdominal Wheel is an alternative way to work the core muscles.

Thus, the accessory is good for training at home because it requires the action of several muscles at the same time, such as the latissimus dorsi, deltoid, serratus, rectus abdominis, oblique, transversus, rectus femoris.

In addition, it is even possible to work some of the arm muscles, such as the triceps, during the activity.


Elastic Stretchers

The elastic band is a good addition to any strength training routine or program, and they can be purchased in a variety of sizes, and lengths.

You can use the elastic bands for push-ups on the bar and floor, squats, and even during rowing.


Yoga mat or mat

This equipment is another base for many of the activities: push-ups, sit-ups, stretching, planks, among other activities.

Thus, it ensures some comfort and does not provide undue pain in the lower back.

Furthermore, lying directly on the floor will not only be uncomfortable, but can also lead to unnecessary injuries.



An evolution of the barbells, the apparatus used in crossfit classes works the muscles of the body as a whole, developing strength and power.

In addition, it is indicated for its practicality in gripping and the possibility to perform several different movements.



Skipping rope is one of the best aerobic exercises for burning calories and improving your cardiovascular system.

Mainly because it is a practical and simple activity, where you can train at home before starting your exercise series.

So all you need is a good rope and a few minutes to get good results.


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