10 Most-watched Netflix series

Off the top of your head, would you venture to say which is the most watched series on Netflix?

The company 7Park Data went after this answer, prepared a study, and found that subscribers were fans of medical and crime dramas.

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Since Netflix does not open up its data, the survey was done independently and considered 1,400 hour-long series that are in the catalog.

Among the ten most watched series, only two were original from the streaming service, Orange is the New Black and Stranger Things. Recently canceled and controversial series such as Sense8 and The Get Down occupy 70th and 112th places on the list.

To give you a sense, according to The Hollywood Reporter magazine, an hour-long episode produced by Netflix costs around $3.5 million - an episode of The Get Down, for example, needed $12 million to make.

Check out the list with the 10 most watched series on Netflix!

10. Stranger Things

The plot seems like a mixture of all the best that the 1980s presented to us: a group of children must deal with the disappearance of a friend in a small town in the United States and, in the background, there is a gigantic conspiracy scenario involving the country's government and monsters from another dimension.

9. bones

The series deals with investigation in murder cases handled by the FBI involving victims' remains - especially bones - which are analyzed by researchers at the "Jeffersonian Institution" (an allusion to the Smithsonian Institute).

It is based on the life of forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs - one of the producers - the title character of the series, Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan, shares a name with the protagonist of several of Reichs' crime novels.

8. the Walking Dead

Based on the comic books by Robert Kirkman, the series shows a group of survivors of a zombie apocalypse and narrates the characters' constant struggle against death, against the past, and against themselves. The dualism between the cruelty of the dead and the living is worked out in a very interesting way, and the series is worth checking out.

7. gilmore girls

The series tells the story of the daily lives of single mother Lorelai Victoria Gilmore (Lauren Graham) and her daughter Lorelai "Rory" Leigh Gilmore (Alexis Bledel) who live in the small fictional town of Stars Hollow in Connecticut, a small town with very peculiar characters and located about thirty minutes from Hartford.

The series explores various subjects such as family, friendships, generational conflicts, and social classes.

6. orange is the new black

It is based on Orange Is the New Black: My Year in a Women's Prison (2010), a memoir created by Piper Kerman about her experiences at FCI Danbury, a minimum security federal prison.

The series centers around the story of Piper Chapman, who lives in New York City and is sentenced to serve 15 months in a federal women's prison for participating in the transportation of a suitcase of drug money when she was younger at the request of her ex-girlfriend, Alex Vause, who is an important player in an international drug cartel.


It is a television series about the federal agency Naval Criminal Investigative Service that investigates all types of crimes involving the United States Navy and Marine Corps and their families.

4. supernatural

The series tells the story of two brothers, Sam Winchester and Dean Winchester, who hunt demons, ghosts, monsters, and other supernatural creatures in the world.

3. criminal minds

It is a police series about the BAU (Behavioral Analysis Unit), an elite FBI squad based in Quantico, Virginia. The team analyzes criminals across the country through their M.O. and Victimology and anticipates their next moves before they strike again.

2. shameless

It is a remake of the award-winning British series and is set in the southern portion of the city of Chicago. The series revolves around the dysfunctional family of Frank Gallagher, a single father with six children. While he spends most of his time drunk, his children learn to take care of themselves.

1. Grey's Anatomy

The series stars Dr. Meredith Grey, a resident at the fictional Seattle Grace Surgical Hospital (later Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital) in Seattle, Washington, one of the most rigid medical surgery residency programs in the country. The series focuses on her and her fellow residents, showing their love lives and the difficulties they go through at work.

Source: Galileo

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